Grand Reopening Expansion Party

It was recently decided that Flutter needed more space for stretching her restless wings. After some amazing wood alchemy, also known as carpentry, the rear of the store was pushed back 900 square feet and a whole new space was revealed. Cindy made good use of the bonus skylight by covering a large brass chandelier with living moss. It’s really stunning, living and green and shaggy with little moss tendrils. Many curious stoppers-by commented that the effect of the expansion was very tricky on the brain, because the walls had been painted the same peacock turquoise color and the mirrored built-in shelves in back were still there (just farther away).. this causes them to stop midway through the store and turn to me with a quizzical look that reminds me of Alice’s first impressions of Wonderland. The most exciting aspect of the expansion has been the addition of Frocky Jack Morgan’s Julia. Seeing her collections of paintings, bizarre taxidermy and curios is something, but her altered vintage gowns, jewelry and hand-dyed slips are something else entirely. She has set up racks of frothy feathered or sequined wedding dresses, and there is a long wardrobe full of kid’s dresses. There’s even an abominable snowman suit, and a 20 foot wooly dress with bits of crimpy silk and sequins sewn into it. Yessir, all of that in addition to the Flutter you know and love! Julia decked out ten beautiful ladies in creamy silk for the Grand Reopening Expansion Party, which was the usual second-thursday fete of champagne and pink donuts except that the place was packed to the newly-expanded gills with revelers and congratulators. The Djangophiles played amidst the bustle, where, despite the crowd and the champagne, nothing broke! A sweet older gentleman taught me how to open the bottles of bubbly by just twisting the top off in your palm, so that the force of the pop is contained. I felt pretty butch doing it that way, and I opened 45 bottles of champagne that night!
written by Sara Kolp
one of the lovely flutter girls
*you can find her perched at flutter on Sundays