Fall too!

I, like Sarah, adore the fall! The leaves changing color, the smell of the air, warm days and cool nights. Halloween is just around the corner. Days spent inside. What’s not to like?
Oh yeah, the rain. Most folks don’t care for the eight months of rain we get here in the great northwest. I truly happily anticipate the rain. I do. It means it’s time for me to get going on projects without any regret for a lost sunny day! Summers great, but I don’t get much work done. In the fall, I get out all my new old favorite music( I have a feeling it’s Nick Cave!) and sit in my sewing room pouring over magazines and fabrics. FABRICS. MMMMmmm. Magazines. Mmmmm.

A collaborator and I recently met over a drink to talk about our newest project for Cindy’s shop. Sari, my partner in fabric crimes who is not Sarah my partner in blogging, is a very talented silk screen artist.

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We talked about teal and black silk with lanterns printed on them. We talked about chrysanthemums and peacock feathers on hot pink silk. We also talked about Gossip Girl, but that’s a discussion for another day! We are getting this project off the ground very soon. Have to get her that pink silk so she can print it up for drapery panels!
I can’t wait to share…