Expanding the Parameters

Seen in my mind as recently as this morning….GOLD! Yes, golden colored rods for the panels I am making for Flutter. Can you picture it in your mind too? Magenta panels with black peacock feather stencils, hanging from golden rods?! I am feeling it. A rustic old gold. It will be fantastic. I promise.

I used to paint everything gold. At one point my apartment in San Francisco had a gold toilet seat and claw foot tub. I even painted my TV gold and my phone. It all looked great until you like, sat on the toilet seat or used the phone. I had a golden ear and a golden rear. Yes, live and learn. This was around the same time I was breaking mirrors into pieces and gluing them to pretty much anything. That proved problematic also..can’t seem to ever get all the tiny little shards of glass off the floor. I was a budding designer then, I laugh pretty hard when I think about those days.

These days, I have resources and skills, but sometimes with those comes self limitation. A fear of failing and not being taken seriously can really hamper creativity. I am currently working on thinking outside of my own box that I have fashioned. Having Cindy around has really expanded my parameters. Just walking into her store two years ago changed the possibilities I saw for myself. I consider her my mentor. Just watching and seeing what she can take on is a huge inspiration to me, it has enabled me to take on bigger challenges and take risks. I am brewing another big project in the back on my mind, thinking forward to a place where I only get to do what I really want to do.

Anyhow, I am digressing here. I thought I would do a quick update on the status of that new line of pillows and panels and look what happens! So, the panels have been screened by Sari, and I must say they are more incredible than I imagined they could be. The fabric for the pillows is on the way and I am so excited to hand it over to her to work her magic on them. I would give us about two weeks to get them in to the shop, just in time for November! I can’t wait to see.

Oh and as my mind spins, and I just met a woman upholsterer with very funky style….am thinking of how to use her skills to their fullest potential! My mind is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get when you wake up on Thursday morning. That was said out loud in my best Forrest Gump voice..