Shop Kitty!

Here’s a picture of our new shop kitty, Rizzo! She’s been with us now for almost two weeks, and is unbelievably well behaved. Well, she is a little too fascinated with our finches, but Cindy just got a new cage for them, and it’s hung on the wall where Rizzo can’t get at it. Cindy told me that the cat got into the old cage when she moved it and just sat there, checking out the bird vibes I guess. The Humane Society gave us these kitty nail tips called soft paws so she wouldn’t scratch the furniture, and they work so well. You just put glue in them and slip them on over their claws. We got a pink set, so it looks like she’s got a manicure. They’re so darn cute.
This is a picture I drew in the virgin mary sketchbook- there’s lots more where that came from. It’s from last week, when the muses were sweeping me off my feet. I finally edited the paper cuts atop action movie that my friends and I made last week, and it was submitted to the student film collective before the deadline! Yes!! I am usually a total loser when it comes to completing tasks. I am always reading three books, finishing none. Of course, I had tons of help, but the point is, we plucked the idea out of the ether and made it real. I learned so much doing it, and I am happy with how it turned out. There are two more that need to be edited, the two that I filmed in the store, and I’ll post them when they’re done. -sara kolp