Sofa is where the heart is….

There is nothing that makes the living room a home more than a comfy sofa. A sofa is the anchor. The place where you snuggle with your most loved people and animals. A place to read, dream, watch movies, and take the occasional nap (every day if you’re my husband). This beautiful little number Cindy found, is a beautiful light pistachio green. In the eighties it was called “sea foam”. I personally have never seen soft green colored sea foam, and I grew up by the ocean. Seam foam is always a scuzzy gray color. Anyway, whatever you want to call it, it is amazing paired with browns and pinks. Oh, and black and white kitty Rizzo.

Oh look at it sitting there, such pretty legs. All upholstered in velvet with down cushions. Down. Oh, there is nothing like sitting on a down filled sofa. Nothing. And what else do you need besides the sofa? Pretty pillows! Look at all of these birds and brown velvet. I don’t know if you knew this, but you can shop the pillows at Flutter too. Yes, Cindy makes it easy for you, doesn’t she! She has a gift…knack. She’s talented in sofas, velvet, feathers and birds. And light pistachio green, not sea foam.
Sofa, so good.