Flutter’s Holiday Party

It’s that time again…a Flutter Party! Just in time to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, but we have much more to celebrate too. I am pleased to announce and unveil our exiting, new endeavors at Flutter. The first is Sonia Kasparian, our new clothing designer debuting her clothing and accessories line, Urchin. Sonia is a long time Portland artist. Check out her recent show at Butters Gallery. Her visions and creations will be a lovely addition to the store and the perfect compliment to the very talented Julia of Frocky Jack Morgan. I am so thrilled and honored to have 2 amazing designers/artists at Flutter.

The next exiting news, which you may have been reading about on our blog, is the new home accessories line being developed and designed by Susan Hashem and Sari Gunderson. You’ve seen some of Susan’s work in the shop already, but these 2 have teamed up to make the most intoxicating,amazing pillows and curtain panels. Silk Dupioni in luscious magentas, teal blues and chocolate, silk screened with peacock feathers, pagodas and chrysanthemums that are then sewn beautifully into drapes and pillows. My head is spinning just thinking about these beautiful creations at Flutter. The best news is you can custom order your own!

Hail Mary!! Another long time Portland artist Mary Tapogna will be gracing our Flutter blue walls with her spakling mosaic crosses. What an amazing shrine it will be and so perfect for Flutter.

To further your Flutter experience with visual treats, our holiday ornaments have arrived and turned the back wall cabinet into a spakling feast for the eyes! Oh and the Flutter holiday windows….Sara and Casea have been sketching the most beautiful Madonnas all lined in gold glitter, perched in the window and blessing those passing by.

It’s all so exciting. If all of this is not enough…Frocky Jack Morgan models, Swing Papillon and Peach champagne. I think we will be seeing you on Thursday!
Happy Holidays,