Ladies Art Explosion

If you haven’t been into Flutter lately, it’s worth an extra trip. It’s full of fantastic art by women in the neighborhood, even more than usual. Julia (Frocky Jack Morgan) and Sonia (Urchin) have brought in silky armfuls of reworked vintage dresses and fur coats. There’s one faux leopard print coat in particular that I love, it has “E S” sewn into the red wool lining- I like to think it belonged to Edie Sedgwick, or an adorable copycat. Up above there’s a picture of a sculpture Sonia made, it’s really pretty, like those jade flowers on mahogany that you see in super fancy chinese restaurants, only hers is made out of…… I won’t tell you. You have to come in to find out. Susan and Sari have, as you may already know, teamed up on jewel toned, silkscreened drapery panels and pillows that are brightening up the four corners of the store. The two of them are like a dream team of interior design, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. It’s awesome that they thought to do made-to-order curtains, I bet they’ll be very popular. Curtains are the kind of thing people always put off, usually I end up hanging a spare sheet up on a rod and calling it a day. Mary, from Hail Mary on Killingsworth at NE 30th, has brought in a cadre of mosaic crosses and chalices as well as hanging lamps. The lamps are incredible- the chunky bits of colored glass look great when illuminated from the inside. I don’t know how she works in the patterns, it seems so complicated, but Mary is a master mosaicist and the effect is stunning. Every trip I make to Hail Mary inspires me to make more art, and now I get to see it at Flutter too. Another lady lending her talents to the store is the mysterious Elizabeth Johnson. Her crowns have been in the store for a few weeks; they are woven (sculpted?) out of bits of silk, lace and other soft gorgeous things, and her attention to detail makes me suspect there may be a union of elflings in league with her (see Cristin modeling one above). There’s a chandelier in the store done in a similar style, it’s deep blue and scarlet and cream lace and embroidery, I’ve never seen anything like it. Her art is sometimes at Bernadette Breu, like gigantic shell mosaics on bureaus and tables. In addition to all this magnificent talent there are the drawings that Casea and I made. We framed them in gold glitter, they’re in the window looking iconic. Of course, the mama of the operation, the grand dame Cindy, keeps it all looking stellar. Boy, can she move stuff around, no joke. You can check her out in this month’s Portland Monthly, there’s a great photo and interview.

Whew! That was a lot of action!! -sara kolp