dazzled by vintage

Everyone knows the feeling of scoring a really great one-of-a-kind vintage piece, or if you don’t maybe you’re familiar with the feeling you get when you compliment someone on their Halston disco cocktail dress and they tell you the great story of where they found it (perhaps Flutter!)… any way you slice it, vintage is the way to go. It’s great for the environment. It’s easy on the pocketbook. It gives you the adrenaline rush of the hunt, and the thrill of discovery. It also whispers insidiously in your ear to take chances and be daring in ways you never would have thought of on your own. Let us investigate the newly laden racks at Flutter, shall we? Case number 1: the white leather belted coat with raccoon trim on the top AND bottom. Just putting it on is transformative, a cross between Margot Tannenbaum and Mia Wallace (both women who, though fictional, seem to appreciate the art of dressing up). Case number 2: the pink sequined miniskirt. Do I even need to say anything more here? If Madonna can do it, so can I. Case number 3: Huge gold earrings. If I look a bit overwhelmed in this picture, it’s only because I am dazzled by my own reflection in the mirror. Dressing up at work has never been so much fun.

*Sara Kolp