kick out winter gloom!

We all did our share of hibernating during Arctic Blast 08, but Cindy shook off her mantle of snow pretty quick and is already brightening up Flutter for spring. There are flashes of color everywhere you look, in fact the store really seems transformed. It’s like a kalaidescope of cool stuff. There are new rings and bracelets with deep green, turquoise or bright scarlet stones, and a new batch of scented candles from Voluspa in juicy lychee or orange blossom scents. We’ve also got their Valentine-ready line of seasonal perfumes, Fragaria and Josephine, which are just about as feminine as you can get. There are about twelve pairs of amazing vintage cowboy boots in ladylike sizes, and some sparkly belt buckles made by assembling complimentary jewelry pieces- they range from subtle and classy to completely ostentatious. There are velvety armchairs in candy colors, terrific stacks of books and cards and, yes, even more awesome old stamps than before. All of that and the gorgeous sustained sunshine are enough to help forget completely the doldroms of winter and point yourself boldly towards spring. Seasonal Affective Disorder? We’ve never heard of it.
**Teaser alert: By next week we should have lots of unaltered vintage dresses on the racks!