I have a new rule for myself, and that is that I will only allow myself to procrastinate if it’s to read a book. It doesn’t even have to be a good book, neccessarily, it could be some Nancy comics, but the point is that I will allow myself that time despite the things in my life that need doing. So far it’s been inspiring not troublesome, and cuddling up with a book for an hour is the most decadent treat I’ve allowed myself in a while. It is my good luck, or perhaps bad luck, that Flutter is full of excellent reading material. Most of them have come from Chronicle Books, which has a dazzling catalog of titles. My favorites are the large format photography books, like Posters for the People (WPA stuff), Art of the Modern Movie Poster (eye-popping ads for mid-century movies) and a book of intimate portraits of Frida Kahlo taken by a lover of hers. There’s a book called Real Photo Postcards featuring an incredible collection of images from the early kodak days, when it cost a penny to send your own photo-postcard in the mail. Looking through the collection spurred me to develop some pictures and send them off (for quite a bit more than a penny), so you see it’s not exactly procrastinating if it keeps me on task, in a roundabout way. That’s my hope, at least. Besides, books are a much better vice than cigarettes or alcohol. -s
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