cozy time

Well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween, because now it’s cozy-down time. The clocks have been turned back, it gets dark before dinner and the nights are damn cold…but don’t despair! This time of year is PERFECT for movie parties, potlucks, memoir writing, marathon scrabble games, baking, sewing projects, cocktail parties, saunas, embroidery, poker night, intensive studies, love affairs, catching up, letter writing, coffee dates, comic reading, life drawing, soaking pools and tarot. It’s important, when undertaking all these indoor activities, that you keep things warm and well lit. You can find super cute antique rewired desk and floor lamps at Flutter, then go get your full-spectrum bulbs from the Light Bulb Lady at Sunlan right down the street. They really help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, as do all the above mentioned activities. Also, finding yourself a comfy non-bed place to curl up is vital. If you haven’t been in lately then you haven’t seen the blood red leather couch from New Orleans, the plushy pink Victorian bench, or the scalloped maroon mohair armchair that are all just begging you to cuddle up.