Winterview Series, Part 3- Sandra Rokoff-Lizut

Sandra Rokoff-Lizut is an enigmatic, artistic powerhouse. She explores texture through a lucid assemblage of collage, printmaking and painting that is as vibrant as she is. She emanates artistry, so it comes as no surprise that both of her children and grandchildren are artists; even her daughter-in-law is a successful local artist (Cindy Rokoff, ever heard of her?)! Her current project, El Gato, is a small book inspired by a rogue alleycat she encountered in Mexico. The 6 poems and lush tinted monotypes were first shown in a gallery and make gorgeous accordion-style handmade books. She has thoughtfully decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to medical care and spay/neuter programs for feral and abandoned cats. She will be doing a book signing at Flutter in the afternoon of November 28th. Check out her profile at

Flutter- What works of art do you find inspiring? Music? Film? Books?

Sandra Rokoff-Lizut- Art: Kandinsky, Bonnard, Chagall. Music: Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi (lots of other classical), Johnny Cash and early folk and “oldtimey” i.e. the Weavers..and I clean house to Abba. Film: Fanny & Alexander, Muriel’s Wedding , Mystic River, Brother Where Art Thou, Groundhog Day and, when I was young I’d get out the tissues immediately when Waterloo Bridge played on TV. At that time I also loved all movies about the undead, i.e. The Island of Dr. Moreau. Books: Those by authors with a great sense of time and place: Flannery O’Connor, Isabel Allende, Barbara Kingsolver, John Steinbeck, Toni Morrison, Joanna Trollop, Doris Lessing, Richard Russo, and those with wonderfully weird characters like John Irving, Anne Tyler and whoever wrote Fall On Your Knees—I could go on and on —I love to read!

F-If you could chose a few other professions, any at all, school-be-damned, what would they be?

SRL- I’d just want to try lots and lots of professions for a few weeks to see what life in them would really be like. Lets start with “A”: actor, archaeologist —-and go right through the alphabet.

F-If you had an astronomical budget for materials, what strange and beautiful things would you work with? Where would you live?

SRL-I don’t know how to answer . I feel that I have plenty of strange and beautiful things (I’m a collage artist with closets full o wonderful stuff). Places???? Lots of exotic ones but only if I could fly 1st class (the charm has gone out of roughing it ).

F-If you could live in the past, in any era, when and where would you live? Why?

SRL- Paris in the 1920’s (I lived there in the early 60’s and that was pretty wonderful too)

F-The best way to spend a rainy day is..

SRL- In my house, fire on, good books, great food, lots of art supplies and music.