more! new! books!

So, I’ve been away. Not out of town, exactly, or out of work or even away from my desk. I just.. took a long summer vacation from the Flutter site. Here I am, though, back in action and ready to taunt the public with pictures of the newest and best Flutter items. This week I will ravage the blog with shots from three awesome new books we’ve got. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the only three or even the best three, they’re just the three I was most excited about today. The first is a book about Philippe Halsman, a genius photographer responsible for some truly iconic photographs, especially noteworthy are his portraits of big stars like Dali and Audrey. You’ve seen his work, for sure, but this book also features some of his edgier, stranger photos. The second is a book of pictures of altars for Dia de los Muertos, the holiday where people respect their dearly departed by staging elaborate altars and preparing symbolic meals. The garlands of marigolds pictured in every page of the book had me running to Emerald Petals this morning to buy up their stock. Lastly, I have featured pictures from Roadside America, a colorful book full of neon and stucco and painted ladies, plus a great shot of that stack of skewered cars in Michigan. I love it, in fact I took a picture of that one and use it as my cel phone’s wallpaper. I don’t know, nothing against cars, I just really like it. I guess because it reminds me of Wayne’s World. We’ve also got a gorgeously creepy Henry Darger book, a book of hand-painted film posters from Ghana (creepier than Darger), and the creepiest by far is an enormous Taschen book of human anatomy and surgery, with super-detailed color illustrations of what looks like d.i.y. amputation techniques. Totally amazing and not for the faint of heart, kind of like some other things I could mention. Hey! I was referring to Flutter!