Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry at Flutter

Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry
Hello, everyone, this is Brehan Todd, and I’m back as the new guest blogger for Flutter! I’m couldn’t be more excited to keep you in the loop about what’s going on in the magical world of Flutter! Flutter is known for the carefully curated collection of ephemera, from the past. Local and handmade jewelry, are always plentiful at Flutter, as well as on the website. Many of the designers carried at Flutter are inspired by or include vintage and antique jewelry in the design process. Since we are such jewelry enthusiasts at Flutter, Co-owner, Kalaisha Watrous, thought of the genius idea to share selections of our most treasured vintage baubles from our own personal collections.
You’ve likely noticed the handmade, heirloom inspired jewelry by Paper Treasure for Flutter. Jesseca McCloskey, the creator of Paper Treasure, has always loved jewelry and has been gathering trinkets for most of her life. Her beautiful collection of unique brooches, cameos, rings and a gorgeous pair of hand carved coral rose earrings, are a testament to her impeccable taste. I covet the peacock brooch below.
Jess heirloom 1

Jess heirloom 3
Here are some examples of the particularly unique and lovely cameos and other deco treasures from Kalaisha’s personal collection. This emerald green, deco brooch is my favorite. I’ve never seen a cameo in a rectangle shape, quite like this one, have you?
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
I added a few selections from my own stash as well. As a designer, I’m looking at vintage jewelry constantly, and searching for very specific pieces. I love cameos, (who doesn’t?) and I collect things that tend to have some whimsy and humor to them. This glass cameo brooch is one of my favorite personal treasures. I definitely have an affinity for vintage brooches, real orchid jewelry, anything reminiscent of The Circus, and of course, lockets galore!
vintage cameo brooch
pocket watch
Mouse, cuffs brooch
monogrammed lockets
orchid, brooch, spoon

We hope you enjoyed seeing our own favorite vintage jewelry! Flutter has one of the most defined and unique jewelry collections of any shop in the world. Owner’s Cindy and Kalaisha, are geniuses at finding the most interesting designers, to promote at Flutter. Along with Paper Treasure, Brehan Todd Jewelry, and several other local designers, Flutter has anything and everything you should need in the way of jewelry gifts.
Seaworthy by Marissa Howard, is the newest designer to be showcased at Flutter. Marissa chooses at least one vintage item to include in each of her, one of kind designs. Salvaged keys, vintage doilies, earthy stones, chunky chains and metal are re-purposed to create each design. Here is a peek at some of Seaworthy’s, crochet and chain necklaces available online and in the shop.
Vintage Violet Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Vintage Green Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Flutter fell in love with designer Jesseca McCloskey and her handmade jewelry line, Paper Treasure. You’ve likely noticed an assortment of her pretty lockets and vintage layering necklaces at Flutter for several seasons. All Paper Treasure designs are created by hand, in Portland Oregon, with sustainability in mind. Fine vintage and antique bits and baubles are combined with new chains to create these amazing, unique and limited additional designs. Wear them alone, or piled on thick and you’ll have everyone ask you “where did you get that”? Just in time for the holidays Flutter is fully stocked with some lovely, one of kind pieces, by Paper Treasure. Stop by the shop or check Flutter’s website, for new designs.
The Kitty Reeves
The Kitty Reeves Necklace by Paper Treasure
The Susan P. Thurlon
The Susan P. Thurlon Necklace by Paper Treasure
In 2009, Brehan Todd Jewelry officially introduced itself to the market, with a line of one of a kind, handmade jewelry. Based on a philosophy of dedication to the environment and creating sophisticated design, my refashioned jewelry and accessories, are handmade outside of Portland. A vast array of mixed media, both precious and non-precious, found and vintage, are carefully selected, draped on a dress form and hand manipulated, to create each, original design. Intricate hardware, silk ribbon, game pieces, and recycled bullet casing charms are a few examples of the resources that become part my inspiration during the design process. Each line reflects my vivid imagination, fascination with nature, and stories told by cast off trinkets. You’ll always find new, one of a kind and limited edition styles in the shop, as well as on Flutter’s Website. Here are a couple of my favorite one of a kind designs available now at Flutter.
Circus Necklace by Brehan Todd
Cracker Jack Box Necklace by Brehan Todd

Rose City Cuff by Brehan Todd

Until next time…..