Flutter In Toyland!

Hello again and Happy Holidays! This is one of the most exciting and colorful seasons at Flutter yet. The ornaments and decorations add a little extra sparkle to the already vibrant kaleidescope of fun. You can always look to Flutter to provide the most interesting assortment of vintage inspired toys and fun gifts like paper dolls and coloring books, for “children” of all ages. Because, let’s be honest, some toys are truly timeless, like this awesome box of illusions and tricks,

Get the family to have a laugh trying on a some temporary facial hair. Suit? Check. Tie? Check? Shoes? Check, Weeks Supply of Mustaches? We happen to have some right here!
During the holiday season we look forward to the many new and exciting additions to “The Toyland District” in the shop at Flutter, stop in and see the whole assortment or visit our online store, where you’ll find lots of fantastic gifts of all sorts. Here is a little snippet of where the toys live at the store, and a few of my favorites from our website too. There is something for everyone on your list at Flutter!

flutter nov
Vintage inspired toys, kaleidoscopes and a vintage sequin, ice skating skirt. I think it goes perfectly with this tiny red piano.


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Guitars and horses, books,balloons and ferris wheels, oh, my!


I would have loved to have access to these creative paper doll designs as a child.
I also wouldn’t mind snuggling up to one of these cuties this holiday, not one bit.

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We love these doll pillows by Tomas Paul, available in five styles, at www.flutterclutter.com