Seaside Essentials

Oh, ocean breeze, take me away with you to a far off land of treasures and adventure…
anchor bottle opener
Cast Iron Anchor Bottle Opener
whale bottle opener
Cast Iron Whale Bottle Opener
mermaid bottle opener
Cast Iron Mermaid Bottle Opener
It’s officially Spring, ladies and gentleman! Why not bring a bit of the seascape home with you, this season?  Novelty bottle openers are available in many styles, at Flutter, including these ocean inspired lovelies. I love the idea of flipping a mermaid’s (or whale’s) tail to open a guest’s beverage, before presenting it to them, don’t you?  There are plenty of other sea inspired decorative items as well, check out these amazing selections!  
Ocean colored rug
Ocean Colors Hooked Rug
Handmade Jute Ship pillow
Thomas Paul Sail Seafarer Jute Pillow-This is my personal favorite!

Tokyo Milk
Tokyo Milk Marine Sel  #54 Solid Perfume-Wearing the scent of the ocean on your skin feels divine.
Anchor and Pearl Locket by Seaworthy
paper treasure
Vintage Crystal Earrings by Paper Treasure
There is nothing like exploring the life in the ocean of the Tropical East Indies, from you sofa.  Beautiful color illustrations of fish are something I could look at all day, there is so much to see in this book.  You have never seen drawings like this, they are amazingly detailed, not to mention they would make awesome tattoos. 
Fish book
Tropical Fishes of the East Indies Book
paper captain
Paper Captain-Do It yourself punch out boats, just in time for Spring Break!