The Hot Seat: Personality Analysis via Chair Preference

Bear with me, now.. yes, personality analysis is possible via simple chair preference. Simple, I say, and yet much research has gone into this assessment, as much insight and professional development as this month’s Cosmo survey. For convenience and aesthetic purposes, the lovely chairs found within the brick and mortar of Flutter will be used in this survey.

DIRECTIONS: Take a good long look at all of the sitting implements pictured below. After careful consideration, chose one of the numbered chairs on which you would feel most comfortable. You may also pick a chair which you are ineluctably drawn to. Scroll to the bottom, and find the numbered analysis matching your chair. Repeat, share with friends, and please, post your epiphanies and indignant rebuttals for further consideration and development!









1. Your charm and good looks have gotten you far in life. You like cocktail parties and getting dressed up, which is not to say that you’re without substance. Your joie de vivre is infectious, but not overwhelming. You could use this energy to throw fundraiser parties, intensify study in your area of interest, or pick up a new instrument. The world is your oyster!

2. You are a creative, spiritual visionary. Listen to your dreams and let them help you flesh out the utopia you know is possible, even if this extends only to your immediate surroundings. Live your life as close to those ideals as possible. Give yourself plenty of quiet reflective time, uninterrupted, perhaps with a pen and paper and a cup of tea.

3.You like to make your friends laugh. You are energetic and easily excited. You are patient have a lot of love to share, but don’t sell yourself short or get caught up in draining cycles or relationships. Take your ambitions and contributions to the world seriously, and be honest about the limits to your temperance.

4.You are thoughtful, classy, intellectual, and you love to people-watch. You appreciate art, pageantry, and tradition. Simplicity can help you center and avoid overstimulation, and spending time in nature could be inspiring and energizing.

5.Home and family are important to you. You enjoy games, puzzles, riddles and books. Your curiosity can take you on some very interesting adventures, if you let it. You are very easy to get along with, so don’t be afraid to engage with people on a more emotional level. You have much to gain from exploration and calculated risk.

6. You don’t like to take up too much space. You are respectful, spartan, utilitarian. You probably have a fully stocked emergency kit, and you check the weather before you leave the house. You wear thermals 6 months out of the year. To avoid being frustrated by the shortcomings of others, practice observing how their talents are different from yours.

7: You’ve got a lot to do. You probably have a moleskine full of sketches and notes. You love to spend a rainy day at the library. Time alone is important to you, but you don’t get enough. It’s time to invest in a cabin in the woods or a solo vacation, to really delve into your ideas and projects uninterrupted. Don’t underestimate the beauty and importance of interdependence.

8: You are a collector with a taste for exotic food and travel. You are independent, curious and a quick learner. You collect maps and books on other cultures, and can speak a few languages passably. Make sure your home is a place where you can feel productive and inspired.

The inspiration for this game is a very similar assessment in the wonderful amateur psychoanalysis boxed set called “Mind Games”.