At the Circus.

I don’t know if you have come by the shop in the past month, but it looks like the circus has arrived! Inside both of our huge front windows there are wooden games, acrobats, clowns, and even a full-size puppet theater with wiggling marionettes…

The entire display was handcrafted and painted by local artist Stephanie Brockway, who has been showing her work all over since 2004. She definitely knows how to craft a beautiful puppet. Each one has it’s own unique look and seems like its right out of the twenties or thirties. All items are available to purchase (prices vary.) Come stop by and see these fanciful creations yourself!

Looking for more circus merriment? How about a huge book on Magic? Fake moustaches? Old-timey taffy? Bright patterned glasses & a vintage clown bell? Here at Flutter, we love the circus- come one, come all!