Flutter Interviews Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry

Welcome to our brand new Flutter site!  We were itching for an update and are so happy to be able to offer a brighter, bolder, more shop-able interface, including a new rotating feature: Featured Artist!  Our first featured artist is Portland jewelry designer Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry.  Lyndsay has been a Flutter designer practically since the start and we’re so happy to celebrate her as her line reaches a new level of achievement: being featured in costuming on Portlandia!  Read on…
Flutter: When did you start making and designing jewelry?  What inspired you to start?
Lyndsay Levy: I have been doing jewelry for over 20 years. It was vintage that first inspired me. I have collected all things vintage since I was 15 years old. I wanted to go back 100 years and wear all the clothing and jewelry, so I just started to make it instead.
F: Do you have a ritual for making things?  A dedicated space?  Particular music or background white noise you like to have? Or do you work best anywhere and everywhere?
LL: the top floor of my house is my studio. I rarely listen to music and when I work I like things very quiet, pretty much the opposite of who I am in my every day life. I like it messy so that it looks like I have jumped off the boat in the Disney ride of Pirates of the Caribbean (a childhood fantasy) and looking at mounds of stones, colors, chain, very decadent.  I also find a lot of inspiration from being outside, hiking with my family and the shapes of everything from animals, leaves and to sea shells, all so intricate and perfect.

F:  You’re designing jewelry for Portlandia now, which is incredibly exciting!  How did this partnership come about?  (What’s your favorite “Portlandia” sketch?)  As a designer, which other currently airing television shows, if any, do you respect for styling, wardrobing and design?
LL: Ahhh, Portlandia. So very lucky. I had worked with Holly Stalder formerly of Seaplane and now of Haunt for years. I am not only a big fan of her work but am grateful for her ongoing support and encouragement for Luscious. I knew that Holly was connected to some of the talent on Porltandia and so I gave her a call and she put me in contact w/the stylist over on the show. The first time I worked with Amanda it was amazing, so much fun and let me say her beauty and style inspired me.  I really count my blessings on this one, meeting Amanda and working with Portlandia has been like winning in Vegas!
My favorite sketch, by far is the dog park. I have two dogs and it was just awesome to see every bad behavior taken to the 10th power.
I would love to do jewelry for Grimm! I have heard (from you guys) that some of the actresses have been in and bought my pieces. I would love to do some nasty, intense castings that would have some hidden meaning for one of their characters.
F: Do you have a personality you try to evoke or create for when you’re making jewelry (ie do you imagine Luscious jewelry having typical customer with certain style that your designs complement or speak to?)  Can you recall a “favorite piece” you’ve made where you felt startled by your own creative capacity?  Any significant designs that you’ll never forget making (for a friend, custom order, etc?)
LL: I want my jewelry to make people happy. I don’t want them ever to feel like it was not worth their hard earned money.  As a mom of children and dogs, I know what living on a budget is like, every day. I always want the line to feel like, “I bought this and love it and feel good wearing it and I don’t need to feel guilty for spending some money on myself or for my friend that is having a hard time.”
My friends and family pretty much always get custom work for their gifts. I just made my sister Lorri an “Anne Boleyn” neck with the letter “L” instead of “B” because she is obsessed with the the whole Tudor family thing.
F: What inspires you in your designs and in general?  What sorts of things do you enjoy doing when not making and designing things?
LL: Design is weird. If you look at my collections you can totally see what phase I’m in. I just turned 50 and for the last few years it’s been all about nature and structure (the structure of nature:) wishbones, teeth, a taxidermy collection… reading some articles on the dying off of bee colonies made me focus on bees, hiding easter eggs a few years ago started a tangent on bunnies. The ideas change with whatever is going on in my life. When I’m not working, I’m usually outside. I love to walk and sit outside and read. I’m with my family a lot and do quite a bit of volunteer work. If I had a full day to myself (clearly a fantasy) I would drink coffee, hike, go to thrift stores and then eat dim sum.
F:  Any aspirations for the future of your jewelry business?  (Plans for expansion, growth, developing new styles, etc.)
LL: I would like to include more initials after doing that necklace for my sister. I would also like to do a “guess which animal” charm bracelet using cast teeth from different animals (teeth which had been extracted by a veterinarian.) I wish I was more tech savvy. One of my stores accused me of being secretly Amish since I don’t text. I’d like to become more tech savvy so my kids will stop making fun of me and so that I could post new designs and get immediate feed back.
Thanks so much Lyndsay!  To view more of Lyndsay’s designs (including those featured above in this interview) click here.