Temporary Shop Closure and How You Can Help (Hint: Flash Sales!)

Dear Friends-
It’s pretty obvious that closing up shop and social distancing is the best way to limit the spread of this virus, so that’s what we are going to do until further notice. However, we really need your help to make it through this! If you have the ability and the inclination, please consider supporting your local independently owned shops even more frequently in the coming days.

We would be beyond grateful. We really want to weather this along with all of you. We, along with many other Portland businesses, are offering discounted gift certificates on our website (use the coupon “communitysupport” for 11% off, or use the coupon “localpickup” to avoid shipping charges on Portland purchases).

We’ve decided to do daily 15% off flash sales on Instagram featuring some of our best and most popular products. We are also offering to arrange curbside pickup (if you live local you can call, email or DM us with your order, and we will bring it to your car if you stop by), indefinite holds for paid merchandise, and regular priority USPS shipping. Feel free to email us at info@flutterpdx.com (which is also our PayPal account if you feel like making a donation!), or DM with any questions (or just to chat!).

If you are unable to do any of those things, feel free to share this letter, tag this post or spread the word, and know that your kind thoughts and words for us carry energy that reverberates and truly makes a difference. We are so thankful for all your love and support.

We, the co-owners of Flutter, feel so incredibly lucky to do what we do. We love making a space filled with color and beauty and hilarity and magic for people to enjoy. We love supporting all the other small artists, creators, and businesses whose products we carry, the vintage sellers we buy from, the tarot readers we host, the schools and nonprofits we donate to, and our community of neighbors on Mississippi Avenue. Most of all, we love YOU, our customers, from Portland and all over the world, who tell us every single day that you love us too, that you get inspired when you’re here, that our shop brings you joy.

We never take for granted how fortunate we are to be here. As we approach our 14th anniversary, we want nothing more than to continue this journey. Sending this out with our strongest prayers for the well being of all, and with infinite love and compassion.