A Walk With Me…

Ahhh, Spring, my dear old friend, you have returned.  The cherry blossoms and daffodils are in full bloom and it is absolutely gorgeous in Portland!  This past Saturday, was sunny and still cold outside, but the light was amazing. I simply had to head outside for a walk! I decided it would be a perfect day to take a stroll along Mississippi and visit Flutter for some snapshots.  Take a look at a few of my favorite things, I saw along the way….

street view of Flutter
Outside Flutter on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon
spring window
A view of the front window….and then we step inside the shop.
Fashion book and paper
A brand new fashion book and an orange chair to read it in!  Don’t mind if I do, thank you. I just need King to come and curl up in my lap, a coffee and I’ll be ready to settle in for the afternoon.  

Voluspa Candles
New Voluspa Candles in different sizes, the small one is perfect for travel

hooked bird pillow
Hooked bird pillow, the colors are so pretty!
Fashion book
Oh, what’s this? Another new fashion book!  Wow, this one is amazing! I can’t even tell you how much I love it.
vintage taxidermy

Masks, goat

hook owl pillow
Beautiful hooked owl pillow
lucky lights

parrot book
This illustrated parrot book is one of the most beautifully illustrated works I have ever seen.
magic book
Magic-A must to add to any collection of curiosities!  
The Marvelous Museum Project
Another amazing collector book! This one comes in a wooden case. 
Jaw Harp

vintage chalk wear figureine

Cast Iron Mermaid bottle openers
Cast iron mermaid bottle openers
Bubble Gum Machine
Wow, so much to see at Flutter, it’s looking so fabulous!  I can’t wait for my next visit!

Happy Spring!

It’s starting to look more like Spring outside, with the Cherry Blossoms blooming, and the sun peeking out once in a awhile! This is my favorite time of year because it’s so beautiful and fresh when the flowers explode across the city and the weather gets a bit warmer.  We are in full swing at Flutter with lots of new fragrances and home decor, books and novelties that will put a spring in your step!
We love our apothecary at Flutter so much that we have been expanding it this season, to include more of your favorites! The fragrance line by Mor has been in our clutches for awhile, and we could not be more excited about all of the new scents.  The packaging is delightful and the perfume oils, to die for in unique combinations.
Mor Lychee Flower Perfume Oil

My personal favorite-Snow Gardenia!
Mor perfume
Mor Fragrance oil in Cassis Noir-Cinnamon Leaf, black current and Bulgaria Rose mixed with a hint of Jasmine
velvet pillow
Sea Foam velvet pillow, so luxurious and happy for Spring
paper treasure
The Chelsea, handmade necklace by Paper Treasure
butterfly paper weight
Real Butterfly paper weight
Relax and enjoy the weather, catch up on reading, or sending postcards.  It’s the best time of year to bring in the new!
insect pillow
Hooked insect pillow

Cartes Postales
Carte Postales-Beautiful reproductions of vintage cards from a Parisian flea market
Roses Book
The Roses, a beautiful book of botanical illustration.

Seaside Essentials

Oh, ocean breeze, take me away with you to a far off land of treasures and adventure…
anchor bottle opener
Cast Iron Anchor Bottle Opener
whale bottle opener
Cast Iron Whale Bottle Opener
mermaid bottle opener
Cast Iron Mermaid Bottle Opener
It’s officially Spring, ladies and gentleman! Why not bring a bit of the seascape home with you, this season?  Novelty bottle openers are available in many styles, at Flutter, including these ocean inspired lovelies. I love the idea of flipping a mermaid’s (or whale’s) tail to open a guest’s beverage, before presenting it to them, don’t you?  There are plenty of other sea inspired decorative items as well, check out these amazing selections!  
Ocean colored rug
Ocean Colors Hooked Rug
Handmade Jute Ship pillow
Thomas Paul Sail Seafarer Jute Pillow-This is my personal favorite!

Tokyo Milk
Tokyo Milk Marine Sel  #54 Solid Perfume-Wearing the scent of the ocean on your skin feels divine.
Anchor and Pearl Locket by Seaworthy
paper treasure
Vintage Crystal Earrings by Paper Treasure
There is nothing like exploring the life in the ocean of the Tropical East Indies, from you sofa.  Beautiful color illustrations of fish are something I could look at all day, there is so much to see in this book.  You have never seen drawings like this, they are amazingly detailed, not to mention they would make awesome tattoos. 
Fish book
Tropical Fishes of the East Indies Book
paper captain
Paper Captain-Do It yourself punch out boats, just in time for Spring Break!

New Tokyo Milk Dark Line at Flutter

Introducing the newest from famed TokyoMilk Apothecary! Just in time for a cure to, dry winter skin, and the desire for a fresh new scent, these rare and unique combinations of ingredients are on the mark. “The alchemy of allure”, is a proper description of this brand new endeavor of designer, Margot Elena.
The latest addition to the lineup of fabulous products transports you to an uncommon place. “The Dark Line”, includes delicious perfumes and lip elixirs, now available at Flutter and of course in our online boutique. I’m particularly excited about the lip elixirs, which are made with natural ingredients like bee balm, green tea, aloe and jasmine(see below). My personal favorite is Le Vie En Rose, so far, but I still have a lot of taste testing to do before I formally commit.  This flavor is so exotically feminine and reminds of the old fashioned rosebud salve I used growing up, but with a modern update of citrus, vanilla and a hint of peach. This one is bold and unique, you won’t taste anything else like it.  Other flavors like Absinthe and Cherry Bourbon are on my list to try next, can’t hardly wait until my first runs out!
42 (1)
Tokyo Milk Dark-Le Vie En Rose Lip Elixir
Tokyo Milk Dark-Absinthe Lip Elixir
Tokyo Milk Dark-Cherry Bourbon Lip Elixir

In addition to the fabulous, mouthwatering lip elixirs, there are complimentary fragrances of intrigue in eight  awesome and also very different scents. I find the simple, black bottle refreshing, it would look perfect on my vanity next to all the shiny glass bottles. The imaginative combination of fragrance will have everyone asking “What is that you are wearing”, and they won’t be talking about your dress. Here are some of our personal favorites at Flutter,

Dead Sexy
Toky Milk Dark-Excess No.28
Tainted Love
Tokyo Milk Dark-Tainted Love No.62
Tokyo Milk Dark-Bullet Proof No.45

Plenty of Books to Inspire

poster shop
Hatch Show Print, the History of a Great American Poster
It’s no news that Flutter loves books and Portland loves books as well, so it works out perfectly for everyone.  Each season, Kalaisha and Cindy hand select an amazing library of awesomeness in many categories to admire and inspire.  For Spring, they have curated an extra lot of books in the creative realm. I’m coveting this Book of Old Poster Copies.  They just don’t make them like that anymore do they? Now you can have your own collection to do what you will with….

I can never seem to acquire enough photography books. There are so many great ones out there, perfect for visual inspiration on a whim. The graphic presentation of this book is beautifully detailed with hand painted, quotes. Unknown Halsman, reveals and overlooked, bizarre, playful side of Philippe Halsman, in this magnificent collection

Graffiti Asia
Graffiti Asia

This book shows photos of artists work from many countries in Asia, along with interviews and quotes, about this fascinating and evolving art genre. Far removed from the Western style of graffiti origins, these illustrations offer and entirely new perspective on modern art,from other countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as China and the Philippines.
The 1000 Journals Project
The curious and voyeuristic side of humans draws us to a look inside the mind of another person.  I’ve often dreamed of writing this very kind of book, and wanting more people to have the courage to put something like this out for everyone to read. The 1000 Journals Project is blowing up because of fascination, pure and simple and sadly, often underdeveloped in today’s world. It’s a rare, intimate look into the mind of an artist. Highly inspirational for designers, artists and really anyone who appreciates a raw, honest and personal look into someone else’s world. 

Berlin, Portrait of a City

This photo is one of my favorite images from this picturesque book.  Nothing is left untouched in this journey through  Berlin, from the two world wars, to the strength in character of the people of this remarkable city.  A photographic travel log into the history of one of the most interesting cities in the world. Berlin, Portrait of a City, has been called the most comprehensive book on Berlin ever made.

The Vegetable Garden
I’m am so in love with these classic, vintage illustrated books popping up at Flutter. Just in time for Spring gardening, this illustrated book of  vegetable prints to keep bound or ready to frame, can only be described as stunning. The Vegetable Garden features some of the most delicately, detailed science illustrations of all time. You’ll find yourself, literally, staring at each page for hours.  

rosie flos
Rosie Flo’s Travel Book
For the budding artist or the kid in all of us, Flutter has plenty to offer (I’m not ashamed to admit now that I have colored one of these books and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much). The illustrated, creativity is endless with this series, once you color it in and add your own elements, you become the designer. Perfect for Spring is this new to Flutter coloring book, Rosie Flo’s Travel Book. Snap one up quickly before they all fly out the door and around the globe!

Photo Booth Dogs

For fans of dogs (who isn’t), this is the most delightful little book of photo booth shots of dogs and those who love them. The author, Cameron Woo has included over 100 beautiful photos, spanning over eighty years, capturing the bond between man, woman and his and her, eternal, best friend.

Stop in on a rainy afternoon, curl up on a soft chair and thumb through the library, you never know what will strike your fancy?  See you soon….

For Strange Women, A Natural Apothecary

satin corset
Satin Corset solid body fragrance by For Strange Women
Welcome Friends!

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to sit down with Jill McKeever, creator of the natural apothecary line, For Strange Women and have a lovely chat about her creative process. This collection of 100% natural artisan fragrances and unique concoctions of plant extracts are coveted for many reasons.  It’s makes perfect “scents” when you see a glimpse into this fascinating world of tradition infused with modern ideas. Jill clearly does her work from a very authentic place, where all aspects of her life are filled with inspiration that is unique to her as a designer. It was a pleasure speaking with her about her life and work. 
Jill McKeever

Me (Brehan Todd)-Hello Jill, it’s so nice to meet you. Tell me about your background?

Jill-I am an electronic artist and analogue “craftress” in Kansas City, MO. As an artist my first language was dance, then music, and now perfumery, and although they seem as if they would be very different, these disciplines are truly interconnected. Balance, harmony, acute sensory perception, and creative alchemy will always draw me into their magic. 

I have a “professional” background in video, graphic design, screen-printing, and photography. I refuse to work for “the man” anymore though.

jills studio 2

In order to learn the science behind the magic,  did you take chemistry or other classes to educate yourself, or were you born and alchemist?  

  No, I am a self-teacher. I experiment a lot and I go with my instincts, always. 
I began making my own concoctions about 10 years ago because I am sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in commercial cosmetics, fragrances, and soaps, and could not find truly natural products anywhere. I fell in love with herbalism, aromatherapy, and eventually the much broader realm of natural perfumery. Although I make everything from soap to lipstick for myself, I decided to focus my offerings here to the things that are most pleasing to the senses. I am a very tactile-oriented person and love exploring texture. Texture is something that can be appreciated by all of the senses, and I believe there is a comfort to be found in natural ingredients that nothing else compares to. 

Who, if anyone, is your muse? 

The moon and the kitty cats I encounter on my walks around the neighborhood.

How do you know when a scent is complete?

I usually already have the exact scent I am wanting to make in my mind before I begin making it. For this reason, sometimes it takes a really long time to create a perfume. Some have taken as long as a year to get right. 

Absinthe seems to be really popular these days in the form of novelty items. We love your absinthe lips  at Flutter. Could you describe the taste for those of us who have never tried absinthe?  

absinthe lips

“Absinthe is a very bright, sharp taste, similar to black licorice but not as harsh or dark. It is often prepared with sugar so when it is sweetened it tastes like a really delicious candy, and almost minty.” 

Where do you find inspiration and ideas for new products?

I just make anything that I wish existed (but to my knowledge does not.) I think a lot of people have great original ideas all the time, and the inspiration is not as difficult to harness as the motivation to do it.

Do you have a favorite product currently in your line? Which one and why?

My favorite product is always the new one that is next on the list to make. I have tons of ideas lined up and not enough time to make all of them, and when I am working on something new I can hardly stand it because there has been so much thought and anticipation to get to the point where I am developing it!

Your website is really awesome and fun to travel around, Did you design it yourself and what was the inspiration?  To me it feels very much like I’m entering a sort of virtual boutique, and sort of like i’m being invited into your home.


Yes, I designed it. I have made other websites in the same way, where each page is a “room” in my virtual space. I am a cancer and inviting people to my home is very satisfying to me, as well as working from home. Most of the furnishings are actual photos I took of things around my house and I just arranged them on a lovely vintage wallpaper background. My home does not have lovely vintage wallpaper, though. 

What films, music and fine art do you find inspiring these days? 
I have been listening to Broken Bells a lot lately… I love music that has texture and organic sounds layered throughout a well developed soundscape. I used to do a lot of audio design and music production so I really have an appreciation for well produced albums, which there are not much of anymore! Everything is done so fast and cheap, and so much has been lost in the digital landscape.
I love documentaries, and am going to True/False fest with my boyfriend next week-ish. We are also working on a documentary that will be out next year. My favorite painters of the moment are Colette Calascione and Swanbones. 

Thank you so much to Jill for granting us this interview. Stop in a see, and smell these amazing products at Flutter, or visit our online shop to order. 

Introducing…Handcrafted Jewelry by Opulent Oddities at Flutter

Unfurl by Opulent Oddities
Unfurl Necklace by Opulent Oddities
  Valentine’s Day is almost here and we can hardly wait! The store is beautifully decorated and and full of gifts as always. We are so excited to announce the newest line of jewelry that has arrived at Flutter. I’ve had my eye on this designer for a couple of years and her talent is amazing. Opulent Oddities, is an exclusive line of artisan jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind, and is hand made from vintage and found materials.  The designer has a special eye for whimsical charms and brooches and combines them in such a way that looks like they were always meant to be together.  We have several designs available in the shop and in our online boutique as well. 
This happens to be my favorite. I’m loving these shades of blue this season and the mixed metals. Here is a peek at some of the line. 

In Bloom by Opulent Oddities

Blue Birdie Bracelet
Blue Birdie Bracelet

The Lepidopterist by Opulent Oddities
The Lepidopterist Necklace

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Valentines : A Collection of Valentine’s Day Ephemera by Steven Heller and Jim Heimann

It is hard to believe another Valentine’s Day is approaching us!  Since it’s one of my most favorite, if not favorite holidays, I’m counting down the final moments until the 14th. After being closed for a few days, the shop is back open with all sorts of new clothing, and vintage curiosities, jewelry and apothecary items. We are so inspired and excited for Spring! This year, for Valentine’s Day, we have a lovely selection of gifts for your sweetheart and everyone you love (which includes yourself, of course).
We are thrilled to have many new, handmade jewelry pieces from all of our talented designers, including Paper Treasure, Seaworthy and one of our newest designers, Opulent Oddities. When Kalaisha told me Opulent Oddities was coming to Flutter, I could not wait to see what amazing creations she and Cindy chose. I am so inspired by this line of unique, handmade, vintage inspired jewelry. The designer has such an amazing eye for unique pieces and a way of combining them that is brilliant. Here is one of my personal favorite, one of a kind designs, by Opulent Oddities, now available in the shop and online.
How My Heart Flutters by Opulent Oddities
The Spring line of handcrafted jewelry by Paper Treasure, is my favorite yet, by designer, Jess McCloskey. The same classic designs are represented, with a soft color palette and a bit more “bling”. We just so happen to have some wonderful new selections from the line, in the shop and on our web boutique. This designer has such a delicate way of creating very precious pieces, with a uniquely modern interpretation. I can’t think of a girl in the world who doesn’t love heart shaped lockets. The idea is updated as pair of oh so pretty, locket earrings. Here are a few of my favorite selections,  by Paper Treasure for Flutter, especially for Valentine’s Day.
Sweetheart Locket Earrings by Paper Treasure
The Meteor by Paper Treasure
The Silvia by Paper Treasure

We are over the moon about all of the new fragrances and candles in our apothecary. I’m especially drawn to these new ceramic cased Voluspa candles in such unique scents!  I cannot even begin to describe how truly delicious these candles smell, so I won’t even attempt. Stop by Flutter, and smell many new products from this amazing line. As always, but especially for Spring, we are brimming with beautiful treasures and there is always something for everyone and more at Flutter!
00 - HOME
Voluspa Macaron Ceramic Candle 
Pink Glass Bead & Vintage key Necklace by Seaworthy
heart shaped water bottle
Men's shave kit
great expectations
Classic Romantic Novels never go out of style-Great Expectations

Store Wide Sale at Flutter Until Sunday

red sofa
To make room for all of the new furniture, clothing and other Spring additions arriving in February at  Flutter, we are  having a store-wide sale! This week until the end of this coming Sunday, January 23rd, everything in the store is 20% off! This includes furniture, such as this lovely red velvet lounging sofa and hand painted side table. If you have had your eye on something, now is the time? There are still a few great pieces of furniture and pretty home decor left in the shop, as well as clothing and accessories, so come in and get them before they vanish into other happy homes. 
purple tutu

All of the clothing and jewelry are included in the sale as well. I have been coveting this purple dancing dress for a while now, I think it belongs in my costume collection…
yard animals
Frocks galore on sale!
red clothing rack
pink clothing rack
pretty sparkles
burgundy velvet chair
I would love to curl up in this velvety chair and read all of the amazing books at Flutter one of these rainy afternoons, with King in my lap. I wonder if that’s allowed?

post cards and photos

tiny chair and velveteen rabbit
bear chair
big horn sheep
animal heads and hats
burlesque vanity

Hurry in before everything flutter’s out off the shelves!

{All photographs in this article by David Paglia Photography}

Everything is Coming Up Rainbows for Spring 2011

While the weather outside is getting colder, here in the Pacific Northwest, the ladies of Flutter are hunting and gathering all kinds of amazing vintage clothing and treasures for the Spring season! The new collection will be archived and in the shop by early February. Stay tuned for more info for our blog readers, you heard it here first! To make room for all of the Spring goodies, everything in the shop is 20% off, including all books, toys, vintage clothing, and jewelry by Paper Treasure, SeaWorthy, Urchin and Brehan Todd.
Meanwhile, Iv’e been preparing for my own jewelry collection for Spring, adding bright beads and shells to my inventory, watching films, looking at a lot of images, compiling my inspiration. Now that Spring is solidified, I’m on to Fall 2011, which I’m so excited about!
I would love to share some of my favorite looks from the runway, that I found inspiring this season. Many of the looks seem as though they could have been styled by Flutter! There was an explosion of color and feminine silhouettes on the runway from so many designers. The fabrications were combined in interesting mixes of florals and geometrics. The perfect pants and the long flowy dress seem to be the staples the to have for the season. Here is a look at some ready to wear designs that channel the 60’s again, with an extra burst of color, this time around.
Anna Sui back detail
Anna Sui Crochet Rainbow and Denim
D & G combined classic, casual sexy with a twist of cuteness, mixing florals, gingham and stripes.
D & G short skirt
D & G boots
D &G jumpsuit
Marc Jacobs was all glam feathers, sparkle, dramatic makeup and bold jewel tones.
Marc Jacobs purple pants

Marc Jacobs orange jumpsuit

marc jacobs red dress

One of my favorite designers of all time, Alberta Ferretti makes chiffon look like it’s infused with clouds.
alberta ferretti skirt boho
Anna Sui, who often references the 1960’s fashion styles has a creative interpretation this season.
anna sui blue dress
anna sui bright blue dress
anna sui black dress
Come in to Flutter and let one of the stylists help you put your runway look together from our amazing selection of vintage and handmade clothing and accessories.
See you soon!