Come Help us Celebrate our 3.5 year Anniversary,
a New Partnership
and Fall!
Thursday, October 15th @ 5pm

Perched high above the doorway, Eric Stern (of Vagabond Opera) will play accordion. Free tarot card readings all night by Mindy and of course sweets and the Flutter staple of pink champagne!
We’re excited to celebrate our new partnership, the lovely season and 3.5 years of Flutter!

hope to see you there!
Kalaisha and Cindy

Flutter brings in fall…

…With All Hollows Eve steadily approaching, you’ll see hints of victorian blood red velvet, party frocks galore, woodland friends, lush new scents, great northwest treasures and books by the stack!

Been so busy, we almost forgot to tell you… WE MADE OVER THE ENTIRE STORE! Three truck loads of new funrniture, nick-nacks, vintage clothes, new jewelry lines, a vintage carnival wheel and a goat!

Goodbuy to Frocky Jack Morgan

It’s been an incredible Flutter adventure having Julia Barbee, of Frocky Jack Morgan be a part of our shop. Her artistry, creativity and style is so amazing, unique and wonderful. She will be missed by all of us here at Flutter…we wish her much luck and success in the future!

Frocky Jack Morgan is 30% off now and only available until June 22nd @ Flutter!


I spoke with Sonia of URCHIN fame yesterday about posting this mini-showcase of her work online with a mini-bio to accompany it. We had a little banter about inspirations and sources, then I got down to the nitty gritty- which movie should she have done the costumes for? Her answer was revealing: Brazil, the gorgeous futuristic masterpiece of fantasy by Terry Gilliam. Her love of baroque details and metallic greige would have redefined the film’s take on fraught couture. Sonia has a velvet touch with old dresses, gently and deftly loving them into new creatures. It’s like each dress is an Eliza Doolittle, and she’s Henry Higgins giving them a glamorous new lease on life. Hey, she should design for the remake of My Fair Lady while she’s at it. Sonia has great style intuition. Below is the complete, in-depth q&a; with the genius herself:

Who would I want to collaborate with?

PJ Harvey.

What movie would I want to have worked on the costumes for?
Brazil definately..

What is my favorite food?

What is the biggest risk on a random night out with me?
That I may rescue a stray cat or a large piece of matter…ie wood, metal whatever to make something out of.

What are your cats names?

Well, they came from the shelter with names already which they seemed to respond too, so Bruno (the shell shocked one who was dragged behind a car) got to keep his name, as I figured he`d been through enough) and Oogie Boogie (my 2 year old fattie) became: Oogamus Maximus Shnorkimus Catimus. Which means Fat Oogie cat who shnorks when breathing.

If you weren’t sewing, what would you be doing?
A million things. Gardening, making art, working out, seeing friends…….

Whats your background?

Well, I went to Otis/Parsons school of art & design in L.A., intending to come out a fine artist, but took a summer class at the local college in illustration to try to figure out how I would make a living while being an artist, and the instructor came in drunk the first 2 classes. I took that as a sign to go into fashion as my major, and do fine art, not commercial, for myself.

What would you do if you were not an artist or fashion designer?

Architecture for sure. I would have chosen that first, but was told at the time that you need to be really good at math, and since math makes me almost break out in hives………..anyway, now I hear there are computers or something that calculate that for you.. Sigh.

of course Sonia’s lovely Urchin line is available at Flutter, but did we mention each of her beautiful creations can be custom fit to you or she can custom make a piece especially for you!
check out more of Urchin’s Designs on Flutter’s Designer page.

La la Laurie!

Oh happiness and how the world seems to just line up perfectly sometimes and that’s how I feel about collaborating with my dear and very talented friend Laurie Cinotto! I’m so happy to be presenting her trunk show La La Laurie at Flutter on Saturday April 4th. Laurie and I are friends from those early days in Seattle (can you believe 15 years ago!). We met working at our wonderful neighborhood flower shop on Capital Hill. Being both from the midwest me from Kansas and she from Iowa, we instantly had a midwest connection along with a few other similarities, like our metal head banging youth (she’s going to kill me for saying that!) She’s always been an inspiration to me with her art, flowers, crafts, her amazing eye for junk, design & display talents, dedication to those kitties and her sweet and inspiring outlook on life.

Please join us: 
Saturday April 4th, 2009
11 AM to 6 PM

Flutter Presents La La Laurie

Laurie Cinotto of La La Laurie will be revealing a fanciful collection of corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets. Her spring collection is hand crafted using imported papers and ribbons,  buttons and vintage notions.  It’s lively and bright, filled with bunnies and birds, feathers and flowers.     The corsages and boutonnieres are for every day wear and dress up occasions.  The bouquets can accent your home, or be carried by a bride. 

Laurie Cinotto is an artist, turned florist, turned artist again. She enjoys creating delicate things for you to wear, and objects to dress your home. Even though she’s not a florist anymore, she still finds inspiration in the glorious colors and textures found in flowers. She has a fondness for old things , and loves incorporating vintage bits into her work.

This is her very first trunk show, and she’s thrilled to be collaborating with long time friend, Flutter’s proprietress, Cindy Rokoff.

Vintage has Arrived…

What more can I say…I’m so excited to be opening the Vintage Clothing Boutique at Flutter! I got started in this business 20 years ago selling vintage clothes and it’s so exciting to see it come back around again, full circle. Flutter is the perfect venue to showcase my long time addiction to vintage dresses, vintage blouses, beaded sweaters, lacy slips, vintage purses, vintage cowboy boots and so much more….Im getting goose bumps just writing about it. I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking!
xoxo Cindy