Inside the Artist’s Atelier

Our spring window display draws inspiration from an imagined artist’s studio … an ultra-bohemian, enchanting place with big sunlit windows, splashes of paint where they don’t belong, crayons and pencils mingling on a table with still life models, books and piles and piles of paper with drawings, paintings and collage on every inch.  

In the adjoining window, the creative energy (and artwork) spills over to a little sitting area with a table full of books (for inspiration) and a chair with tea waiting to provide a break (as well as a fat gray kitty resting just under the table.)

None of this would have been possible without the talent and vision of shopgirls Sara and Marta, who created all of these illustrations and paintings and designed the window display! 

Stop by the shop soon to see our newest effort in person!

Across the River: East Meets West

When Flutter / Eden and Porch Light owners Cindy Rokoff and Keiran Best decided to split the space at 221 NW 11th Ave. (formerly Versailles Interiors) last spring to open two new shops, they had a good feeling about Portland’s west side.  Friends and former Mississippi Avenue neighbors, Best and Rokoff turned out to be far from the only business owners to sense an opportunity across the river.  

There’s currently an east-side exodus of shops, coffee houses and eateries moving or setting up second (or third) locations downtown, in the Pearl and in Portland’s newly christened “West-End” neighborhood.  In case you’re an east-sider who hasn’t been downtown in awhile, or a west-sider who may not yet have gotten around to exploring new neighborhood businesses, we thought we’d shine a little spotlight on some of the new additions to the west side neighborhoods!

Stylistically speaking, Eden is undoubtedly a relative of Flutter – you can find perfume, art books, gifts, candles, vintage furniture and clothing and locally designed jewelry.  Eden differs from Flutter with a more refined, curated aesthetic (think less Flutter-Clutter,) taking note from London’s swinging 70’s, a love of nature, an exotic influence (imported textiles, jewelry and antiquities) and rock and roll 

Next door neighbor Porch Light presents a decidedly different look compared to the location it moved from; while the Mississippi shop courted a flea market aesthetic, Porch Light of the Pearl features a tightly curated range of products, new and old, neatly arranged on sunlight wooden shelves and adorning the tops of found barnhouse furniture.  

Halo Shoes, notable for their high-end and bespoke selection of mens and womens’ footwear, moved from Irvington to the Pearl District in 2010.  Find brands including Costume National, Cydwoq, Dries Van Noten, Luciano Padovan, Grenson, Moma and Wolverine 1000 Mile.

Right down the street from Eden, Popina Swimwear Boutique set up a second shop just two years ago (their first is on NE 42nd Avenue,) offering a range of swimwear and swim accessories, including some of owner Pamela Levenson’s designs.

In our building, eatery Oven & Shaker moved in just a few months ago.  A collaboration by Cathy Whims (of famed SE restaurant Nostrana,) ChefStable’s Kurt Huffman, and Aviation gin’s Ryan Magarian, this new restaurant serves up pizza, small plates and artisan cocktails.

Around the corner from Oven and Shaker, EAT Oyster Bar is currently building out the space directly next to Porch Light.  The new restaurant is going to be called Parish and we can’t wait to see what they cook up!

Mississippi neighbors Mee Sen Thai just purchased Jinx Cocktail Lounge, bringing the East side head count in just our building up to five!

Fellow Mississippi vintage shop Animal Traffic has happily found a second home in the neighborhood as well, with a brand new location on SW 10th Avenue.  Expect to see slightly different products in the new store with the same western / heritage aesthetic that Animal Traffic has become known for!

A few months before Eden opened, Barbara Seipp moved and rebranded her clothing store (formerly Phlox) and opened Isaac Hers (also the name of the clothing line with Seipp designs) just south of Burnside on SW 13th Avenue.

New(ish) New York style pizzeria Sizzle Pie found such success on East Burnside that they opened a location on West Burnside just across the street from Powell’s Books.  With vegan and vegetarian options, Sizzle Pie has quickly become a crowd pleaser on the west side as well.

Fellow East Burnside business Lille Boutique opened a second location last year called Lille Trousseau, which specializes in wedding and honeymoon lingerie (conveniently it’s located right next to The English Department on SW Alder Street!)

And don’t worry, there’s coffee, too: east-side coffee shop The Fresh Pot opened a third location last year on SW Washington Street!

We’re tremendously excited to be part of a movement of businesses re-energizing, re-innovating and re-imagining Portland’s West Side.  We can’t wait to see who joins us next!

The Portland Bazaar

Flutter and our sister store, Eden are participating this weekend in The Portland Bazaar!  The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday at The Sandbox Studio from 9 am – 6 pm.  There will be over 50 local vendors, food, craft classes, liquor tastings, book signings and plenty of shopping.  We’re bringing down a lot of inventory from both shops as well as highlighting some local designers in our booth.  Here’s a taste:

 Reconstructed vintage dresses from Ark Clothing.
 Chocolate truffles, wishbones, mustaches and lumps of coal from Neopolitan Chocolates.
 Terrariums and wreaths from our Mississippi neighbor Emerald Petals.
Brehan Todd Jewelry (the designer herself will help man our booth!)
Jesseca Anne Jewelry (the designer will also be at the booth with us both days!)
Pure Jewelry.
 Seaworthy Jewelry.
 Handmade leather wallets and pillows from Lees Lamar.
 Fur stoles with bright silk linings and bow-ties from Lees Lamar.
Pillows handmade from vintage Turkish suzanis.
…plus a few surprises we’re keeping up our sleeve.  Stop by 


I love perfume. It is such an easy pleasure: practically guilt-free, completely mood altering and indulgent. For pennies a day anyone can slip on this subtle second skin, causing people to lean in and breathe deep. Hardly a day goes by without someone telling me I smell great. I used to hate the smell of perfume, I just didn’t know what I was missing. I told Cindy I’d help her choose perfumes for the new shop, EDEN, and it blasted open a new dimension of perfumes for me. My desk sprouted a forest of tester vials, and for a few weeks I was just swimming in new scents. I would spend quiet evenings at home spritzing my wrists, smelling, taking notes. I wore a different scent every day for a month. I learned a thing or two.

1. There is definitely such a thing as an evening fragrance. I gave the super-sultry ‘a la nuit’ by Serge Lutens a test drive on the PSU campus, and I felt like I’d gone to school in a slip. Which could be awesome, I guess.

2. There are places you really ought not wear highly discernable fragrance. Like, a martial arts dojo on a Saturday morning. One of my favorites is so volatile, so intense that I can’t really wear it out in the world. It’s the perfume equivalent of a black satin ball gown (Samsara by Guerlain).

3. I have no allegiance to one scent or brand or type. Choosing a scent to wear in the morning is all about my mood, the season, what I have to do that day. It’s nice to have a wardrobe of options, BUT there is something to be said for having a signature scent. Once I tried on a perfume and immediately realized I’d made a mistake- it smelled EXACTLY like a friend of mine, and I was going to be seeing her later in the day. Smell is such an intense way to recall events or people. It’s because our olfactory bulbs are strongly linked with parts of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Last time I got hijacked by scent was when I was unpacking a box and my old scented Strawberry Shortcake doll was in there. Oh Hasbro, tugging my heartstrings!

4. “Artificial” chemicals in perfume are ok with me- in fact they can be completely amazing (and use literally tons less natural resources). I wouldn’t trust a lab to make a decent rose or other single note fragrance, but for a complex, 9-layer spice bomb with notes of frankincense, pine needles, thyme, honey and figs, evocative of a campfire on a windswept island… well, that takes a certain amount of alchemical magic; a mixing of essential oils, plant waxes and lab-made ingredients. Yes, please.


Jean-Marie Farina by French perfumers Roger and Gallet is one of the first Eau de Colognes ever made (the formula was perfected in 1806!). Bright and botanical, it’s extremely refreshing and perfect for summer. As crisp and classy as a Bombay gin and tonic. Their other scents are equally compelling (try the Bois d’Orange), and totally unisex. It’s at Flutter.

Matin d’Orage by Annick Goutal is a terrific floral. It was inspired by the smell of a Japanese garden after a storm, broken leaves and gardenia and orange blossoms whipped by the wind. It is beautiful and wearable, and smells especially good in warmer months. Cindy will carry it at the new store, Eden, as well as three more Goutal scents that have enormous reputations. Eau d’Hadrien might be the most popular scent in France.

Cocoa Tamarind by Voluspa never smells wrong, on anyone, ever. It is the most flattering, versatile perfume I have ever smelled, and is such a good deal (oh, Voluspa!). At Flutter.

Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk. Ok, It was hard to choose, they have such a range of scents, and I love what they do. I don’t know if it’s necessarily my favorite, but it is a standout. One of the biggest perks of working at Flutter is deciding which scent to put on in the morning. We have more than 30 Tokyo Milk perfumes, so I don’t get tired of any one of them. Shout out to Kabuki, Marine Sel, Bittersweet and Marie.

Encens Mystic, a little roll-on solid perfume by a French company called Crazy Libellule. It smells like the Hagia Sophia must have smelled 300 years ago: smoky myrrh, beeswax, straw and pine needles. It kind of takes my breath away. Plus, it’s so portable and affordable. It’s at Flutter.

Sa Majeste La Rose by Serge Lutens. The rose is so maligned. Horrible caricatures of it exist everywhere, in cheap perfumes and all manner of scented products (lemon knows how it feels). A really good rose is so difficult and costly to procure that it seems to only exist in really high-end perfumes. The Lutens version is so lovely, it is the kind of rose you just want to stick your whole face in. It is GORGEOUS. At Eden.

Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar- I put this one here because it’s the one I get the most compliments on (usually from men who would say that they hate perfume). I like it even though it’s not edgy or complicated (maybe the art house perfumes have spoiled me). I am always drawn back to its simplicity and one-note perfection. At Flutter.

Choosing a perfume is so personal. They react with your unique chemistry, so what smells great on your best friend might be just awful on you, or it might be great in a different way. For this reason, you should never buy a scent untested. That means: actually sprayed on your skin. When I go into a store with a lot of options, I’ll sniff the decanters to get an idea, and narrow it down to four (or less) to actually try on. This is something I can’t do often, as it’s a real gamble- I have to go the rest of the day smelling like the combination of these four, and it might be horrible. I’ll put one on each wrist and one on each shoulder, or the bend of my elbow, so they each have an anatomical zone to themselves to work their special magic. I save this kind of experiment for a trip to The Perfume House on Hawthorne. I can’t recommend that place enough.

Most perfumes will have a spectrum of scents, starting with the first spray (heavy on the alcohol until it evaporates, unless it’s a roll on). That’s what they call the “top note”, and they’re typically the brightest, most volatile aspects of the scent. Wait a minute or two, then smell it again… the middle notes are emerging. They are considered the heart of the perfume, and they are most noticeable after the smaller molecules of the top notes evaporate. These components combine with the heavier molecules, typically resinous or powdery smells. They’re the ones that are good at sticking around to create the lasting impression of the perfume, called the dry down. The dry down is the character of the scent after it dries, like maybe a full hour later. It might be a completely different scent. You may love the dry down, or you might decide you need a long shower. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed my wrists, and there are some tenacious elements that really linger, usually the ones I can’t stand. Luckily, in the morning it’s usually gone and I can start the adventure all over again.

The Hot Seat: Personality Analysis via Chair Preference

Bear with me, now.. yes, personality analysis is possible via simple chair preference. Simple, I say, and yet much research has gone into this assessment, as much insight and professional development as this month’s Cosmo survey. For convenience and aesthetic purposes, the lovely chairs found within the brick and mortar of Flutter will be used in this survey.

DIRECTIONS: Take a good long look at all of the sitting implements pictured below. After careful consideration, chose one of the numbered chairs on which you would feel most comfortable. You may also pick a chair which you are ineluctably drawn to. Scroll to the bottom, and find the numbered analysis matching your chair. Repeat, share with friends, and please, post your epiphanies and indignant rebuttals for further consideration and development!









1. Your charm and good looks have gotten you far in life. You like cocktail parties and getting dressed up, which is not to say that you’re without substance. Your joie de vivre is infectious, but not overwhelming. You could use this energy to throw fundraiser parties, intensify study in your area of interest, or pick up a new instrument. The world is your oyster!

2. You are a creative, spiritual visionary. Listen to your dreams and let them help you flesh out the utopia you know is possible, even if this extends only to your immediate surroundings. Live your life as close to those ideals as possible. Give yourself plenty of quiet reflective time, uninterrupted, perhaps with a pen and paper and a cup of tea.

3.You like to make your friends laugh. You are energetic and easily excited. You are patient have a lot of love to share, but don’t sell yourself short or get caught up in draining cycles or relationships. Take your ambitions and contributions to the world seriously, and be honest about the limits to your temperance.

4.You are thoughtful, classy, intellectual, and you love to people-watch. You appreciate art, pageantry, and tradition. Simplicity can help you center and avoid overstimulation, and spending time in nature could be inspiring and energizing.

5.Home and family are important to you. You enjoy games, puzzles, riddles and books. Your curiosity can take you on some very interesting adventures, if you let it. You are very easy to get along with, so don’t be afraid to engage with people on a more emotional level. You have much to gain from exploration and calculated risk.

6. You don’t like to take up too much space. You are respectful, spartan, utilitarian. You probably have a fully stocked emergency kit, and you check the weather before you leave the house. You wear thermals 6 months out of the year. To avoid being frustrated by the shortcomings of others, practice observing how their talents are different from yours.

7: You’ve got a lot to do. You probably have a moleskine full of sketches and notes. You love to spend a rainy day at the library. Time alone is important to you, but you don’t get enough. It’s time to invest in a cabin in the woods or a solo vacation, to really delve into your ideas and projects uninterrupted. Don’t underestimate the beauty and importance of interdependence.

8: You are a collector with a taste for exotic food and travel. You are independent, curious and a quick learner. You collect maps and books on other cultures, and can speak a few languages passably. Make sure your home is a place where you can feel productive and inspired.

The inspiration for this game is a very similar assessment in the wonderful amateur psychoanalysis boxed set called “Mind Games”.

Hooray for The Spring Sale!

vintage dress
Oh boy ladies and gents, it time for the Spring Sale at Flutter! Starting this coming today, April 13th, until the end of the month, all of the beautiful vintage clothing is 20% off! (except those already marked down)
Polaroid cards
Pretty Polaroid Cards!
doll light

Lots of sparkly jewelry
Brehan Todd hat and neckace
Hat and Necklace by Brehan Todd
vintage dresses
So many pretty dresses in all colors!
vintage stamps
Vintage Stamp Collection
Pillows Galore!
vintage dresses

vintage dress

seahorse  bottle opener
Seahorse Bottle Openers
red dresses
Red Dresses
green dresses
Green Dresses!
key necklace
Pretty Jewels!
Black Dress
The Perfect “Little Black Dress” awaits you….
Red Dress
All in the details…
Asain Coin Purses
Asain Style Coin Purses and black and white photo cards
vintage dresses
More pretty dresses
blue dress locket
green dress
The perfect picnic dress
red dress
Love the print of this rare gem