Five Photo Writing Prompts, #1

photo 1Hey there! For the longest time I’ve been wanting to scan some of our old photos and post them as writing prompts.

photo 5Since I don’t have a scanner, but I do have a decent camera on my phone, I decided to seize the day and post 4Here’s the inaugural post, with five snaps that once were lost and now are 3 Lucky you! It’s a peek into an oft-overlooked stack of treasures that begs to be mined for ideas for a poem, script or story. photo 2 I’ll try to do this regularly, since we have so many good ones come through here. XO Sara

Flutter + Emerald Petals = Extra Lovely


By now you may have heard the news that Emerald Petals, purveyor of flower and plant delights extraordinaire, has moved in to share a roof with Flutter. They’re cozied up under the skylight in the back and we’ve magically jigsawed all of Flutter into the front 2/3 of the shop! We are so excited about this new development, which has been in the works for quite some time. It looks-and smells!-wonderful in here. If you are far away or haven’t been able to make it in yet, here’s a little tour of our place for your perusal.







What’s new at Flutter?

photo (14)

Flutter has seen some major changes since the last blog post! I guess I should start with the change of hands this January. Chances are good that, if you’ve been to visit us on Mississippi Avenue, then you’ve met the new owners already. Cristin and I have been involved with Flutter from the very beginning, and Cindy was sure we’d take very good care of the store (and King, the cat!). She is now focused on Eden, her store in the Pearl District, which recently celebrated the opening of an opulent bridal boutique. Go, Cindy!

Flutter has quite a bit of momentum on her own (Flutter is a lady, yes?), and so the transition for us was an easy one. I’m proud to say, the shop looks FANTASTIC. It’s a lot of fun to go out and source the vintage treasures that make the store so special. We’ve kept all the favorites in stock, and upped the ante with new lines like Library of Flowers (lovely scented creams and potions) and Etat Libre d’Orange (radically chic eau de parfum from Paris). We’re hosting a different tarot reader every Sunday of the month, as well as stocking our favorite decks. Also, we changed the site a bit to make it even easier for you to stream our newest playlists: just click on the “Music Player” in the main navigation banner. We’ll post a new one to 8Tracks every Monday. One of my favorite new additions is the painting above. Cristin brought her over when she closed Palace of Industry. Isn’t she something?

The biggest change has yet to come… Emerald Petals is moving in! That’s right! It’s like a dream come true. All those beautiful plants, and I won’t ever have to water them (I have a lazy thumb). They’re going to love that huge skylight. I can’t wait. We’ll be posting more about that soon.

Here are some shots of our newest finds. Happy Spring, everyone!

XO, Sara













Flutter Interviews Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry

Welcome to our brand new Flutter site!  We were itching for an update and are so happy to be able to offer a brighter, bolder, more shop-able interface, including a new rotating feature: Featured Artist!  Our first featured artist is Portland jewelry designer Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry.  Lyndsay has been a Flutter designer practically since the start and we’re so happy to celebrate her as her line reaches a new level of achievement: being featured in costuming on Portlandia!  Read on…
Flutter: When did you start making and designing jewelry?  What inspired you to start?
Lyndsay Levy: I have been doing jewelry for over 20 years. It was vintage that first inspired me. I have collected all things vintage since I was 15 years old. I wanted to go back 100 years and wear all the clothing and jewelry, so I just started to make it instead.
F: Do you have a ritual for making things?  A dedicated space?  Particular music or background white noise you like to have? Or do you work best anywhere and everywhere?
LL: the top floor of my house is my studio. I rarely listen to music and when I work I like things very quiet, pretty much the opposite of who I am in my every day life. I like it messy so that it looks like I have jumped off the boat in the Disney ride of Pirates of the Caribbean (a childhood fantasy) and looking at mounds of stones, colors, chain, very decadent.  I also find a lot of inspiration from being outside, hiking with my family and the shapes of everything from animals, leaves and to sea shells, all so intricate and perfect.

F:  You’re designing jewelry for Portlandia now, which is incredibly exciting!  How did this partnership come about?  (What’s your favorite “Portlandia” sketch?)  As a designer, which other currently airing television shows, if any, do you respect for styling, wardrobing and design?
LL: Ahhh, Portlandia. So very lucky. I had worked with Holly Stalder formerly of Seaplane and now of Haunt for years. I am not only a big fan of her work but am grateful for her ongoing support and encouragement for Luscious. I knew that Holly was connected to some of the talent on Porltandia and so I gave her a call and she put me in contact w/the stylist over on the show. The first time I worked with Amanda it was amazing, so much fun and let me say her beauty and style inspired me.  I really count my blessings on this one, meeting Amanda and working with Portlandia has been like winning in Vegas!
My favorite sketch, by far is the dog park. I have two dogs and it was just awesome to see every bad behavior taken to the 10th power.
I would love to do jewelry for Grimm! I have heard (from you guys) that some of the actresses have been in and bought my pieces. I would love to do some nasty, intense castings that would have some hidden meaning for one of their characters.
F: Do you have a personality you try to evoke or create for when you’re making jewelry (ie do you imagine Luscious jewelry having typical customer with certain style that your designs complement or speak to?)  Can you recall a “favorite piece” you’ve made where you felt startled by your own creative capacity?  Any significant designs that you’ll never forget making (for a friend, custom order, etc?)
LL: I want my jewelry to make people happy. I don’t want them ever to feel like it was not worth their hard earned money.  As a mom of children and dogs, I know what living on a budget is like, every day. I always want the line to feel like, “I bought this and love it and feel good wearing it and I don’t need to feel guilty for spending some money on myself or for my friend that is having a hard time.”
My friends and family pretty much always get custom work for their gifts. I just made my sister Lorri an “Anne Boleyn” neck with the letter “L” instead of “B” because she is obsessed with the the whole Tudor family thing.
F: What inspires you in your designs and in general?  What sorts of things do you enjoy doing when not making and designing things?
LL: Design is weird. If you look at my collections you can totally see what phase I’m in. I just turned 50 and for the last few years it’s been all about nature and structure (the structure of nature:) wishbones, teeth, a taxidermy collection… reading some articles on the dying off of bee colonies made me focus on bees, hiding easter eggs a few years ago started a tangent on bunnies. The ideas change with whatever is going on in my life. When I’m not working, I’m usually outside. I love to walk and sit outside and read. I’m with my family a lot and do quite a bit of volunteer work. If I had a full day to myself (clearly a fantasy) I would drink coffee, hike, go to thrift stores and then eat dim sum.
F:  Any aspirations for the future of your jewelry business?  (Plans for expansion, growth, developing new styles, etc.)
LL: I would like to include more initials after doing that necklace for my sister. I would also like to do a “guess which animal” charm bracelet using cast teeth from different animals (teeth which had been extracted by a veterinarian.) I wish I was more tech savvy. One of my stores accused me of being secretly Amish since I don’t text. I’d like to become more tech savvy so my kids will stop making fun of me and so that I could post new designs and get immediate feed back.
Thanks so much Lyndsay!  To view more of Lyndsay’s designs (including those featured above in this interview) click here.

Inside the Artist’s Atelier

Our spring window display draws inspiration from an imagined artist’s studio … an ultra-bohemian, enchanting place with big sunlit windows, splashes of paint where they don’t belong, crayons and pencils mingling on a table with still life models, books and piles and piles of paper with drawings, paintings and collage on every inch.  

In the adjoining window, the creative energy (and artwork) spills over to a little sitting area with a table full of books (for inspiration) and a chair with tea waiting to provide a break (as well as a fat gray kitty resting just under the table.)

None of this would have been possible without the talent and vision of shopgirls Sara and Marta, who created all of these illustrations and paintings and designed the window display! 

Stop by the shop soon to see our newest effort in person!

Across the River: East Meets West

When Flutter / Eden and Porch Light owners Cindy Rokoff and Keiran Best decided to split the space at 221 NW 11th Ave. (formerly Versailles Interiors) last spring to open two new shops, they had a good feeling about Portland’s west side.  Friends and former Mississippi Avenue neighbors, Best and Rokoff turned out to be far from the only business owners to sense an opportunity across the river.  

There’s currently an east-side exodus of shops, coffee houses and eateries moving or setting up second (or third) locations downtown, in the Pearl and in Portland’s newly christened “West-End” neighborhood.  In case you’re an east-sider who hasn’t been downtown in awhile, or a west-sider who may not yet have gotten around to exploring new neighborhood businesses, we thought we’d shine a little spotlight on some of the new additions to the west side neighborhoods!

Stylistically speaking, Eden is undoubtedly a relative of Flutter – you can find perfume, art books, gifts, candles, vintage furniture and clothing and locally designed jewelry.  Eden differs from Flutter with a more refined, curated aesthetic (think less Flutter-Clutter,) taking note from London’s swinging 70’s, a love of nature, an exotic influence (imported textiles, jewelry and antiquities) and rock and roll 

Next door neighbor Porch Light presents a decidedly different look compared to the location it moved from; while the Mississippi shop courted a flea market aesthetic, Porch Light of the Pearl features a tightly curated range of products, new and old, neatly arranged on sunlight wooden shelves and adorning the tops of found barnhouse furniture.  

Halo Shoes, notable for their high-end and bespoke selection of mens and womens’ footwear, moved from Irvington to the Pearl District in 2010.  Find brands including Costume National, Cydwoq, Dries Van Noten, Luciano Padovan, Grenson, Moma and Wolverine 1000 Mile.

Right down the street from Eden, Popina Swimwear Boutique set up a second shop just two years ago (their first is on NE 42nd Avenue,) offering a range of swimwear and swim accessories, including some of owner Pamela Levenson’s designs.

In our building, eatery Oven & Shaker moved in just a few months ago.  A collaboration by Cathy Whims (of famed SE restaurant Nostrana,) ChefStable’s Kurt Huffman, and Aviation gin’s Ryan Magarian, this new restaurant serves up pizza, small plates and artisan cocktails.

Around the corner from Oven and Shaker, EAT Oyster Bar is currently building out the space directly next to Porch Light.  The new restaurant is going to be called Parish and we can’t wait to see what they cook up!

Mississippi neighbors Mee Sen Thai just purchased Jinx Cocktail Lounge, bringing the East side head count in just our building up to five!

Fellow Mississippi vintage shop Animal Traffic has happily found a second home in the neighborhood as well, with a brand new location on SW 10th Avenue.  Expect to see slightly different products in the new store with the same western / heritage aesthetic that Animal Traffic has become known for!

A few months before Eden opened, Barbara Seipp moved and rebranded her clothing store (formerly Phlox) and opened Isaac Hers (also the name of the clothing line with Seipp designs) just south of Burnside on SW 13th Avenue.

New(ish) New York style pizzeria Sizzle Pie found such success on East Burnside that they opened a location on West Burnside just across the street from Powell’s Books.  With vegan and vegetarian options, Sizzle Pie has quickly become a crowd pleaser on the west side as well.

Fellow East Burnside business Lille Boutique opened a second location last year called Lille Trousseau, which specializes in wedding and honeymoon lingerie (conveniently it’s located right next to The English Department on SW Alder Street!)

And don’t worry, there’s coffee, too: east-side coffee shop The Fresh Pot opened a third location last year on SW Washington Street!

We’re tremendously excited to be part of a movement of businesses re-energizing, re-innovating and re-imagining Portland’s West Side.  We can’t wait to see who joins us next!

Some Springtime Inspiration.

Good afternoon, Flutter friends! If you live here in Portland, you know that we’re having a rather gloomy rainy day, as well as many ones ahead. But do not fear, spring is right around the corner, which means there is hope! And even with the grey skies right now, you can sit inside with a cup of tea and dream of the colorful warmth that is soon to come.

These images just might help. They are making me feel great inside the shop this March afternoon…

And if you feel like embracing these classic Portland days, step out into the rain and come say hi to us at Flutter. We have colorful vintage umbrellas and fabulous old coats so you can look mighty fine until the sunshine is finally here to stay. xoxo.

Getting Ready for Spring at Flutter.

Let me take you on a photo tour through Flutter, all colorful and ready for warmer weather…

…as shot once again with one of my beat-up, but trusty film cameras. And now come see the shop for yourself. Pet King. Treat your children to sugary confections. Sway to the music. And give your shopgirl a smile- she’ll appreciate it, I swear.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Why hello there, Flutter friends! I must apologize for the delay between posts- here at the shop we have been making the transition from winter to spring, which is now pretty much complete! Cindy closed the shop last Wednesday and filled the shelves, couches, and tables with plenty of new colorful products- new scents, new books, and plenty of new oddities.

In a couple of days I will be sharing a bunch of film photographs of the spring-ready shop, but for now, let us recognize that Valentine’s Day has just about arrived! Have you picked out the perfect something for your sweetie? Your honey muffin? Your kitten kaboodle? If not, take a peek at some of my own favorite picks for this sweet holiday. And then stop in for your last-minute gifts!

1. Abstract Seahorse Pillow ($62), 2. Tokyo Milk Sugar Bomb No. 112 Mix and Match Perfume ($18.50), 3. Nouveau Locket Earrings ($40), 4. Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow ($65), 5. Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle ($7.50), 6. Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America ($14.99), 7. Tokyo Milk Marine Sel No. 54 Hand Cream ($18.50), 8. Key Hook Pillow ($48), and 9. Peacock Ring ($30)

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether it be romantically with your significant other or bitterly with a dear friend- see you all in a couple of days! xo, Summer

What’s Your Sign?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a splendid week of holidays with family, friends, and plenty of sweet things. I love it when the new year hits- in a way, it means a clean slate. I look forward to seeing how 2012 unfolds with each month for each person in my life…

And with that, here are some 2012 horoscopes. I wish our dear Flutter-lovers an exciting and ever-so lovely new year!

Look forward to a calm year ahead. 2012 will be a year of financial success (especially in the early months) and a booming and sincere social life. You will feel a sudden confidence that your life is going in the right direction, and you’ll be right. This is a year of major personal growth. Getting back to the roots of family values, finding a more comfortable residence or adding to what you already have will all be areas of self expansion for you. It is the time to relax and enjoy your love life. After the never ending fights, you are sure to taste success.
(Famous Aries: Charlie Chaplin)

This is the year for the ones under the sign of Taurus to be happy with who they are. You may find yourself being more authentic and honest when you interact, which will bring people closer to you. You will feel a distinct increase in your creativity and sense of self-expression- it’s as if your energy is expanding. Your love life is in for better stability this year after much humdrum of the yester-years. There are high chances of finding your dream person. Stay focused on changing while appreciating the abundance in each moment.
(Famous Taurean: Fred Astaire)

This is the year of activities of all kinds for the Gemini. There will be lot of new work and new projects for you throughout the year. If you put in little effort, all your hard work will be recognized. You will be more adaptable than ever. You can expect your values about work and the routines in your life to change- there will be a deeper sense of purpose and understanding to what you do. If you’re thinking of bailing out of bad relationships now is the time, but for new people coming into your life, get ready for some absorbing intimacy. Exciting, grounding and liberating times are ahead in 2012.
(Famous Gemini: Marilyn Monroe)

New beginnings have indeed arrived in your favor with the onset of 2012, Cancer. Although the biggest changes in the love realm won’t arrive until autumn, romance will return as a central theme for you in 2012- just when you’d started to give up hope of anything new ever returning to your life. The mask you show others is dissolving for all to see the really real you. It’s highly likely that you will gain recognition for some sort of creative effort. Explore as many new avenues as you can, for in the coming years you will be turning these selected visions into concrete realities. Remember to pamper yourself through the newness and celebrate the changes a little every day this year.
(Famous Cancer: Frida Kahlo)

Renewed energy levels are predicted for you this year, Leo, which shall help you to achieve your long sought-after goals in life. Be ready to jump at any chances that come your way. Fast reactions will bring you there, closer to where you want to be. Much orientation would be seen in your career front this year. Though personal problems might drag your feet, you shall come out with good colors in the professional field for this period. Self-expansion via travel or an engrossing new subject should fire your enthusiasm over the second half of 2012. Take life as it comes by and live it simply in a positive sense.
(Famous Leo: Coco Chanel)

Big changes are afoot, if you haven’t experienced them already. They’ll appear in the areas of work or home- and if the two are inter-connected, then both. Make efforts to improve your lifestyle. Be optimistic this year and try to avoid all sorts of nervousness and negativity that might creep in now and then. Be patient and watch quietly whatever happens. This year will help you to understand and realize the importance of your loved ones, how important they are and how they care for you. Learning to balance the different aspects of home and family with work and the outside world will bring a sense of empowered peace. Hard won harmony really is an accomplishment.
(Famous Virgo: Sophia Loren)

Life should be much happier, contented and lighter for Libras this year of 2012. You are on a career high- opportunities are now available for you to advance in your profession. A shifting in your world view is happening. This dissolving process could leave you confused. You will cycle between inspired and plain old tired. Try and honor the need for rest as this is where much processing will occur. Avoid impatience of all sorts for this year. If already into a relationship, this year shall see a more matured you as far as relationships are concerned. This year you will find that you have all the tools you need to make things work out beautifully and peacefully.
(Famous Libra: F. Scott Fitzgerald)

With Neptune returning to your romance sector for the next several years, your love life is about to take a poetic turn. A deep, soulful connection becomes the prerequisite for meeting people from now on. This 2012 year will be pivotal for you, since change is happening in deeply needed ways. Be honest in your communications. This authenticity is what creates trust, and trust is something you can have if you open your heart this year. You’ll find yourself able to take vital steps toward your true calling and accelerate all matters pertaining to status, career and where you want to be.
(Famous Scorpio: Vivien Leigh)

This year, you shall be loaded with much potential energy which would take you into the road for success in life. You will be feeling good about getting into partnerships of all kinds. They will support your greater good this 2012 year, help you be a more creative and productive individual. This would be a decisive period in your love life. There would be a total change in your visualization of love, romance and emotions. Your charm shall be able to attract new partners into your territory. Change this year is inevitable, but you can rest assured that you have luck on your side this time.
(Famous Sagittarian: Frank Sinatra)

This year would be generally a year of low profile for you. It helps you to enter a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Matters concerning money and finance will be well-balanced, with incomes equaling the expenditures. You’re beginning to think more like a poet and a mystic, and with just a little practical application, this can easily translate into wondrous creations in the world. You will be connected in important ways to positive situations. Go with the flow and really appreciate all that is happening in your life.
(Famous Capricorn: Humphrey Bogart)

Aspirers are Aquarians and they never give up till they succeed. Horoscope 2012 indicates perfection, patience and planning as the key highlights for the year. Though occasional minor unhappiness are predicted for the first quarter, it will be a generally rosy year for you. Your romantic sector can expect plenty of planetary action in 2012, bringing an abundant supply of love and pleasure. You must awaken the inner child and play with life a little more than you’ve been used to. Out of that spontaneous approach will come inspiration and you’ll find you are capable of much more than you thought.
(Famous Aquarian: Lana Turner)

Your search for spiritual values in life will keep you going places. It is only by the end of the year, you will be able to satisfy your quest for knowledge. Involve yourself whole heartedly into any task which you undertake and ensure it continues and ends on a positive note. Communication plays a vital role in your romantic life, especially during the first half of the year. If you let your words drip like honey, you’ll be amazed at how many opportunities for love open up. A little discipline will bring great rewards in 2012- enjoy the strength you will gain from the effort you put forth.
(Famous Pisces: Anaïs Nin)