Happy New Year from FLUTTER!


Flutter had a fantastic 2010 thanks to all our customers, fans, friends and family. We never take for granted how lucky we are to be doing what we love, surrounded by such fine folks who love Flutter as much as we do. It makes us happy that new folks are discovering Flutter every day and seeing the faces of friends that first visited the store 5 years ago. Flutter couldn’t exist without you…..here’s to 2011, may it be a healthy and prosperous year for ALL!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Cindy, Kalaisha, Sara, Dottie & Casea

Something Special for Everyone’s Someone Special at Flutter

Hello Friends! I hope your having a lovely holiday so far, as we have been at Flutter. I am always a little anxious when it comes to finding my boyfriend a perfect gift. I need something that will be unique enough to be personal, but still romantic enough that he’ll know it’s from me and not one of his Aunties. This year, I’ll rely on Flutter to find that perfect romantic something to put under the tree.
I’ve also included a few of the perfect items that any girl would be impressed to have you select, in the shop as well as in the online store. A wise person once told me, you can never go wrong with jewelry or fragrance. This lovely one of a kind vintage glass bead and chain necklace designed by Seaworthy holds the key to her heart and all the answers to the universe (just kidding about the universe part, but that would be awesome). I’m seeing a lot of Robbin’s Egg Blue lately and I’m loving it, it puts me in the mood to nest. Combined with this delicate silver chain, it’s perfectly original.
Another good rule, to follow when it comes to gift giving, everyone loves lockets.This amazing little heirloom style locket necklace by Paper Treasure is classic with a modern twist, featuring detailed vintage trinkets and chain. The locket opens so that you can place a photo close to your heart.

4058 (1)
We are thrilled to have curated our best fragrance collection yet! I am always in search of the perfect hand creme and it seems my search is finally over. We have added some of the new popular, Tokyo Milk products to the line. I can’t get enough of this romantic new, Dead Sexy Hand Cream. The bottle is so pretty it can be left out with your perfumes. The exclusive combination of hints of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony could make any girl swoon!
You can’t go wrong with jewelry that sparkles for the holidays. Anyone will feel like a royalty in these vintage Swarovski Crystal and gold dangle earrings, fit for a queen by yours truly, Brehan Todd Designs.
We’ve come to love and even crave the magnificent smell of Voluspa candles, in the home and at Flutter. The fragrance is to die for and they last an amazing amount of time, especially if you keep the wick trimmed. We have added plenty of amazing scents this season for anyone’s mood and style. The next natural step is to want to include the same unique fragrance and quality with an old classic, a nice big bar of soap, all wrapped up in pretty Victorian Gothic purple and gold paper.
One idea I thought of is to spruce up my gentlemen friend’s office for the new year for a surprise. Maybe you, or your sweetheart’s office needs and upgrade for the new year too? I covet this wise old owl pillow, the colors and design are so classic and subtle. You can never have too many pillows, I say, and we have trunks full in many different, amazing styles and fabrications. Nothing says hugs like a pillow to cuddle with.

Perhaps a new rug to go with your pillow? Lapis blue with a pretty Victorian floral pattern. Oh my.
The final step in creating the perfect man cave, cigars, of course. These ones are chocolate, so they are better for your health and more fun than the real thing.
Chase down a holiday drink in style and channel your inner “Mad Man” with these beautiful
Gibson Girl High Ball Glasses. Who could ask for anything more?….
Except, for the final cherry on top, the book of Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know, enough said!

Enough Books for the Whole Village at Flutter!

Flutter is brimming full of books for all of those on your list this holiday. Even the most selective of readers would be impressed with the collection and variety, from photography, to classic novels, and even a bit of science and humor thrown into the mix. Here is a sample of some of my favorite books Flutter has in the shop and also available in the online Flutter boutique.
For that special person that loves photos and art on the list, there a plethora of interesting options, including these few perfect options, I selected, as well as many others.

Erwin Olaf-Photography in a beautiful cloth bound hard cover
Henry Darger
A beautiful collection of one of my favorite artists of all time, Henry Darger

Flutter also has lots of awesome selections for music lovers, who doesn’t love music?

johnny cash
Pocket Cash Book– a beautiful glimpse of unique photos

I’m really excited about all of the new urban art and street culture books. This one is especially inspiring.

tresspass urban art
Trespassed. A History of Uncomissioned Art
You will also find plenty of humor and kitschy books along with books for children and the child in all of us.

indie rock coloring book

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

Come and visit our library in the shop anytime, or view the updated selection on Flutter’s Website at your leisure!

Flutter In Toyland!

Hello again and Happy Holidays! This is one of the most exciting and colorful seasons at Flutter yet. The ornaments and decorations add a little extra sparkle to the already vibrant kaleidescope of fun. You can always look to Flutter to provide the most interesting assortment of vintage inspired toys and fun gifts like paper dolls and coloring books, for “children” of all ages. Because, let’s be honest, some toys are truly timeless, like this awesome box of illusions and tricks,

Get the family to have a laugh trying on a some temporary facial hair. Suit? Check. Tie? Check? Shoes? Check, Weeks Supply of Mustaches? We happen to have some right here!
During the holiday season we look forward to the many new and exciting additions to “The Toyland District” in the shop at Flutter, stop in and see the whole assortment or visit our online store, where you’ll find lots of fantastic gifts of all sorts. Here is a little snippet of where the toys live at the store, and a few of my favorites from our website too. There is something for everyone on your list at Flutter!

flutter nov
Vintage inspired toys, kaleidoscopes and a vintage sequin, ice skating skirt. I think it goes perfectly with this tiny red piano.


flutter nov
Guitars and horses, books,balloons and ferris wheels, oh, my!


I would have loved to have access to these creative paper doll designs as a child.
I also wouldn’t mind snuggling up to one of these cuties this holiday, not one bit.

flutter nov
We love these doll pillows by Tomas Paul, available in five styles, at www.flutterclutter.com

Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry at Flutter

Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry
Hello, everyone, this is Brehan Todd, and I’m back as the new guest blogger for Flutter! I’m couldn’t be more excited to keep you in the loop about what’s going on in the magical world of Flutter! Flutter is known for the carefully curated collection of ephemera, from the past. Local and handmade jewelry, are always plentiful at Flutter, as well as on the website. Many of the designers carried at Flutter are inspired by or include vintage and antique jewelry in the design process. Since we are such jewelry enthusiasts at Flutter, Co-owner, Kalaisha Watrous, thought of the genius idea to share selections of our most treasured vintage baubles from our own personal collections.
You’ve likely noticed the handmade, heirloom inspired jewelry by Paper Treasure for Flutter. Jesseca McCloskey, the creator of Paper Treasure, has always loved jewelry and has been gathering trinkets for most of her life. Her beautiful collection of unique brooches, cameos, rings and a gorgeous pair of hand carved coral rose earrings, are a testament to her impeccable taste. I covet the peacock brooch below.
Jess heirloom 1

Jess heirloom 3
Here are some examples of the particularly unique and lovely cameos and other deco treasures from Kalaisha’s personal collection. This emerald green, deco brooch is my favorite. I’ve never seen a cameo in a rectangle shape, quite like this one, have you?
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
I added a few selections from my own stash as well. As a designer, I’m looking at vintage jewelry constantly, and searching for very specific pieces. I love cameos, (who doesn’t?) and I collect things that tend to have some whimsy and humor to them. This glass cameo brooch is one of my favorite personal treasures. I definitely have an affinity for vintage brooches, real orchid jewelry, anything reminiscent of The Circus, and of course, lockets galore!
vintage cameo brooch
pocket watch
Mouse, cuffs brooch
monogrammed lockets
orchid, brooch, spoon

We hope you enjoyed seeing our own favorite vintage jewelry! Flutter has one of the most defined and unique jewelry collections of any shop in the world. Owner’s Cindy and Kalaisha, are geniuses at finding the most interesting designers, to promote at Flutter. Along with Paper Treasure, Brehan Todd Jewelry, and several other local designers, Flutter has anything and everything you should need in the way of jewelry gifts.
Seaworthy by Marissa Howard, is the newest designer to be showcased at Flutter. Marissa chooses at least one vintage item to include in each of her, one of kind designs. Salvaged keys, vintage doilies, earthy stones, chunky chains and metal are re-purposed to create each design. Here is a peek at some of Seaworthy’s, crochet and chain necklaces available online and in the shop.
Vintage Violet Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Vintage Green Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Flutter fell in love with designer Jesseca McCloskey and her handmade jewelry line, Paper Treasure. You’ve likely noticed an assortment of her pretty lockets and vintage layering necklaces at Flutter for several seasons. All Paper Treasure designs are created by hand, in Portland Oregon, with sustainability in mind. Fine vintage and antique bits and baubles are combined with new chains to create these amazing, unique and limited additional designs. Wear them alone, or piled on thick and you’ll have everyone ask you “where did you get that”? Just in time for the holidays Flutter is fully stocked with some lovely, one of kind pieces, by Paper Treasure. Stop by the shop or check Flutter’s website, for new designs.
The Kitty Reeves
The Kitty Reeves Necklace by Paper Treasure
The Susan P. Thurlon
The Susan P. Thurlon Necklace by Paper Treasure
In 2009, Brehan Todd Jewelry officially introduced itself to the market, with a line of one of a kind, handmade jewelry. Based on a philosophy of dedication to the environment and creating sophisticated design, my refashioned jewelry and accessories, are handmade outside of Portland. A vast array of mixed media, both precious and non-precious, found and vintage, are carefully selected, draped on a dress form and hand manipulated, to create each, original design. Intricate hardware, silk ribbon, game pieces, and recycled bullet casing charms are a few examples of the resources that become part my inspiration during the design process. Each line reflects my vivid imagination, fascination with nature, and stories told by cast off trinkets. You’ll always find new, one of a kind and limited edition styles in the shop, as well as on Flutter’s Website. Here are a couple of my favorite one of a kind designs available now at Flutter.
Circus Necklace by Brehan Todd
Cracker Jack Box Necklace by Brehan Todd

Rose City Cuff by Brehan Todd

Until next time…..

The Circus Book by Taschen at Flutter


I’m so happy to introduce myself as a new guest blogger for Flutter. My name is Brehan Todd, I am a designer, blogger and lover of fashion, here in Portland, Oregon. Flutter happens to be my favorite boutique, of all time, so I couldn’t be more excited to starting writing these Flutter blog posts regularly for you!

The Circus book from Taschen

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Flutter, designing custom jewelry for two years. I have become even more of a Flutter enthusiast than when I first set foot in the shop, years ago, before I moved to Portland. The owners have a special way of creating a new experience for visitors, each time you stop by!

The Circus book from Taschen

The Portland retail store and the Flutter Online Shop always carry a fantastic selection of ephemera and oddities inspired by the circus. This season there happens to be some particularly amazing circus related toys, enchanting jewelry and heaps of other curiosities available in-store and online. We just got in this amazing new coffee table book by Taschen called The Circus. To help with Holiday shopping, now through November 30th, Flutter online orders of $100 or more will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING at checkout! This is also great since The Circus book is quite large!

The Circus book from Taschen at Flutter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been inspired by all things circus since I was swaddled in my first blanket, covered in circus animals. I use primarily vintage images such as the ones above to help me design new circus pieces. Stop by THE GREATEST STORE ON EARTH soon and you can also snap up my new, circus-inspired jewelry creations! Like this little beauty…

Can Can Dancer Necklace at Flutter

more! new! books!

So, I’ve been away. Not out of town, exactly, or out of work or even away from my desk. I just.. took a long summer vacation from the Flutter site. Here I am, though, back in action and ready to taunt the public with pictures of the newest and best Flutter items. This week I will ravage the blog with shots from three awesome new books we’ve got. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the only three or even the best three, they’re just the three I was most excited about today. The first is a book about Philippe Halsman, a genius photographer responsible for some truly iconic photographs, especially noteworthy are his portraits of big stars like Dali and Audrey. You’ve seen his work, for sure, but this book also features some of his edgier, stranger photos. The second is a book of pictures of altars for Dia de los Muertos, the holiday where people respect their dearly departed by staging elaborate altars and preparing symbolic meals. The garlands of marigolds pictured in every page of the book had me running to Emerald Petals this morning to buy up their stock. Lastly, I have featured pictures from Roadside America, a colorful book full of neon and stucco and painted ladies, plus a great shot of that stack of skewered cars in Michigan. I love it, in fact I took a picture of that one and use it as my cel phone’s wallpaper. I don’t know, nothing against cars, I just really like it. I guess because it reminds me of Wayne’s World. We’ve also got a gorgeously creepy Henry Darger book, a book of hand-painted film posters from Ghana (creepier than Darger), and the creepiest by far is an enormous Taschen book of human anatomy and surgery, with super-detailed color illustrations of what looks like d.i.y. amputation techniques. Totally amazing and not for the faint of heart, kind of like some other things I could mention. Hey! I was referring to Flutter!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years! A big thanks to all our family, friends, customers, fans and neighbors for all your support these past 4 years. Come celebrate with us! Have a glass of champagne, listen to the gypsy jazz sounds of the Djangophiles, get your tarot cards read by Mindy…a guaranteed fun time for all!

A rush and a plush..

HERE IT IS, the great plushstravaganza of spring 2010. There are a bright velvety ton of new chairs, settees and lounges; some came in pairs and others are absolutely one-of-a-kind. Now’s the time to do major reorganization, reprioritizing and redecorating. It’s a great opportunity to sweep the clutter of winter into a box, seal it up and put it in the closet. Get rid of the stuff you don’t love (consign them at Rerun?), and invest in pieces that make your home more cozy and attractive. I splurged on some great scented cleaning products and a new pair of rubber gloves, and I look forward to giving my house a deep scrubbing. After finals, of course.
P.S. Our new Prince Buster playlist from Pandora is so killer.

New Vintage Clothes!!

New clothes are all over Flutter, and not a minute too soon. I was just dispairing a lack of bright new wearables in my life, and here they are in a spectrum of sizes and styles to make you want to just drop your pants. In the dressing room, of course. I’ll post more pictures next week, because most of the gorgeous new stuff is going on the racks tonight. I’m restraining myself but I’ve already chosen 2 that I am taking home with me, a lacy black and red cocktail dress and a pink, um, cocktail dress. Now all I need is a cocktail party. Stay tuned.. next week more vintage clothes pics.