Flutter’s Tenth Anniversary Party

May 26, 2016 :: 5PM – 8PM :: RSVP on Facebook

3948 N Mississippi Ave,
Portland Oregon 97227

You guys! I can’t believe it’s been so long! Flutter has been on Mississippi Ave for ten whole years, and we want to celebrate our birthday with you. We’ll have prizes, giveaways, drinks and surprises, PLUS we’ve invited XRAY FM superstar DJs Strange Babes to help us ring in our eleventh year in style. Wear your dancing shoes!

Flutter's 10th Anniversary Party, May 26, 2016 from 5PM - 8PM

Five Photo Writing Prompts, #1

photo 1Hey there! For the longest time I’ve been wanting to scan some of our old photos and post them as writing prompts.

photo 5Since I don’t have a scanner, but I do have a decent camera on my phone, I decided to seize the day and post away.photo 4Here’s the inaugural post, with five snaps that once were lost and now are found.photo 3 Lucky you! It’s a peek into an oft-overlooked stack of treasures that begs to be mined for ideas for a poem, script or story. photo 2 I’ll try to do this regularly, since we have so many good ones come through here. XO Sara

A Few Fluttery Things.

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are feeling well-rested with an extra hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Today I have a few things to share. First, I must mention that our sister store Eden (located in the Pearl District) now has an online shop, as well as a stunning new lookbook! The photographs, by Annie Montgomery, were shot in a Washington Forest and feature beautiful jewelry and vintage clothing, models, and even furniture (yes, put in the middle of the trees.) I think it all turned out so beautifully, and am quite happy Eden goods can now be purchased from all over the USA!

Second, we have some new lovely items at Flutter that I’d like to share. All can be purchased in our shop, and most online…

1. ‘My Mom, Style Icon’ from Chronicle Books ($18.95), 2. Rock candy! ($2), 3. Super cute animal nodders are back ($10), 4. Antiqued corkscrews in various styles ($34), 5 and 6. New scents in lovely containers from Voluspa ($26 and $20), 7. Set of six spinning wooden tops ($12.50), and 8. ‘Instrument,’ also from Chronicle Books ($29.95)

And lastly, just some shots from my recent workdays. Every day I’m there, I can’t help snapping photographs. It’s just too dang pretty inside!

paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

pretty vintage garments all hung in a row.

a tray of old photographs. Loving that pretty lady on top.

King, mid-meow. He’s the best.

Fall at Flutter.

Fall has arrived at Flutter! When I came into work on Sunday, I was completely blown away by how different the shop looks. Cindy closed the shop for a day to bring in new products, take out some old ones, and completely rearrange everything. Let me tell you, it looks lovely.

There are so many new items coming in for Autumn and the holidays. New books, scents, household items, and novelties, as well as new vintage finds. There are a couple antique couches I just dream of curling up on at home with my cat and a cup of tea.

Now, let’s get ready for this heat to end and the leaves to change. This year I am welcoming fall with open arms.

New in the shop: my picks:

1 and 2. Tomas Casademunt and The Selby is in your place: two very inspiring photography and interior books. Full of color and the prettiest clutter.
3. New Tokyomilk roll-ons. Not only do they smell delicious, but they come packaged in pretty vials with corks. I’m such a lover of this company.
4. Tree identification matches. We have a few new matchbook boxes in stock, but these ones are my favorites. Simple & classic packaging for a home necessity.
5. Classic nudie postcards. I myself have already purchased three of these and they look perfect hung next to my canopy bed in my girly bedroom.
6. Horse bottle opener. It reminds me of a door knocker on a old pub.
7. More classic naked ladies, this time on little pocket mirrors. I can’t resist a little vintage sexiness to keep in my purse.
8. Devil acrobat toy. Just in time for Halloween, I’m pretty sure my little boys would love this.
9. I love Eleanor Grosch’s work, so I was quite happy to see a trunk filled with her notecards for sale.

Enjoy your week!

Honey Kennedy is Like…

…Homemade Honey For the Soul
Happy New Year everyone! I’m back as a guest blogger for those who are new to the Flutter blog or haven’t checked in recently. My name is Brehan Todd, I’m a designer and blogger in Portland, guest writing for Flutter. I’m so excited to continue sharing new ideas and inspiration this year.
When you hear the name Honey Kennedy many things could come to mind. A new band from Alberta? An exotic spa experience? A secret vacation island? It is a one stop resource for all of these things and more. Our good friend Jen McCabe has long been inspiring us with her amazing artistic sensibility and blogging skills for years. Most recently she has been focusing on her own blog, which is sweetly named after her Grandmother, who’s memory of her growing up is a constant inspiration for the lovely McCabe.
Jen inspires us with her immaculate eye for all things amazing and unique. If I had to categorize the style represented by Honey Kennedy, which is quite difficult to do in a few words, a flood of descriptions come to mind immediately. Words like neo-preppy androgenic , European tweed, modern silhouettes, romantic forest moods, and impeccable taste. Whatever Jen is selecting from thousands of sources in art, architecture, music, fashion, film, decorating, jewelry, and even soap, she has a rare sense for things that are special.
When it comes to any topic Honey Kennedy hits it on the nail time and time again. We at Flutter and I personally would love to thank Jen McCabe and her vivid imagination for sharing a glimpse into your world each day.
Here are a few of my favorite things, pulled from Honey Kennedy in recent months,