Honey Kennedy’s Flutter Giveaway!

Well, the gorgeous weather just keeps on going, and I’m not gonna question it. It’s not often that we have a proper autumn in Portland, and since it’s my favorite time of year I feel extra enthusiastic about it. Another thing I’m enthusiastic about: giveaways! We decided to partner with the amazing Honey Kennedy for a chance to win $100 in Flutter credit, which combined with October sunshine might take someone over the moon. Take note: if you’re our Facebook friend, you can enter twice. If you need inspiration, check out my favorites here. Good luck!

Flutter for Fathers

Yes, we know Flutter has a reputation for being a girly stronghold. But a quick look around reveals all manner of manly pleasures for the fathers in your life. Take a little tour…

We have a small but choice selection of vintage shirts & cardigans.

We have a small but choice selection of vintage shirts & cardigans.

Gorgeous elegant robes!

Gorgeous elegant robes!

Tonics & colognes are always nice...

Tonics & colognes are always nice…

Say it with soap!

Say it with soap!

Rock'n'roll dads are the best.

Rock’n’roll dads are the best.

Some dads like beer.

Some dads like bikes.

Some dads like beer.

Some dads like beer.

And what dad doesn't like KNIVES?

And what dad doesn’t like KNIVES?

And yes, we also have ties.You know, if you’re inclined that way.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Why hello there, Flutter friends! I must apologize for the delay between posts- here at the shop we have been making the transition from winter to spring, which is now pretty much complete! Cindy closed the shop last Wednesday and filled the shelves, couches, and tables with plenty of new colorful products- new scents, new books, and plenty of new oddities.

In a couple of days I will be sharing a bunch of film photographs of the spring-ready shop, but for now, let us recognize that Valentine’s Day has just about arrived! Have you picked out the perfect something for your sweetie? Your honey muffin? Your kitten kaboodle? If not, take a peek at some of my own favorite picks for this sweet holiday. And then stop in for your last-minute gifts!

1. Abstract Seahorse Pillow ($62), 2. Tokyo Milk Sugar Bomb No. 112 Mix and Match Perfume ($18.50), 3. Nouveau Locket Earrings ($40), 4. Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow ($65), 5. Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle ($7.50), 6. Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America ($14.99), 7. Tokyo Milk Marine Sel No. 54 Hand Cream ($18.50), 8. Key Hook Pillow ($48), and 9. Peacock Ring ($30)

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether it be romantically with your significant other or bitterly with a dear friend- see you all in a couple of days! xo, Summer

A Flutter Film & Two Gift Guides.

First, I must tell you all to watch this lovely little Flutter video, shot by local filmmaker Justin Koleszar

Doesn’t it just capture the shop perfectly? And oh, our sweet silly King, he does well in his moment of fame.

And now, more gift guides! Christmas is only four shopping days away, so come stop in the store, drink some free champagne and finish shopping for the men and women in your life with unique objects!

For the men…

1. Japanese Cinema ($35), 2. Compass Keychain ($8.50), 3. Red Army Cavalry Hat ($32), 4. Beetle Hook Pillow ($65), 5. “LOOKING FOR TROUBLE” Scrimshaw Horn Box ($32), 6. Cast Iron Jose Skull Bottle opener ($10), 7. Blackish Cicada Paper Weight ($12), and 8. Outlaws!: Adventures of Pirates, Scoundrels, and Other Rebels ($45)

For the ladies…

1. God Save The Queen Pillow ($58), 2. West Third Brand: Jardin d’Amour ($32), 3. Jane Necklace ($22), 4. Paper Cutting ($27.50), 5. Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Hand Creme ($18.50), 6. Magnifying Glass Necklace ($22), 7. Voluspa Winesap Apple Spice Candle ($7.50), 8. Nudie Purse Mirror from Peru ($6.50), and 9. I Will Never Forget You…: Frida Kahlo to Nickolas Muray ($24.95)

Have a lovely pre-holiday week- I shall check-in again before Christmas arrives! xoxo

A Fabulous Event and Fabulous Gifting.

Good afternoon! First things first, I would like to let everyone know that both Flutter and Eden will be at The Portland Bazaar, an event I am extremely excited about. It will be held this Saturday and Sunday at Sandbox Studio and will feature DIY workshops, great local food carts, delicious spirits, and a huge selection of some of the best local and national shops/designers. It’s going to be fabulous, I know it. See you there?

And now, a Flutter gift guide. These are my picks from our online shop (which are also available in the store.) Next week I’ll share my gift picks available only in the brick & mortar shop, for all our lovely Portland locals.

1. The Art of Instruction: Vintage Educational Charts from the 19th and 20th Centuries ($35), 2. West Third brand Tonic: Tobacco 1812 ($26), 3. Café Noir Jar Candle ($30), 4. Hunt Club Trophy (resin) ($42), 5. Sail Away Pendant by Brehan Todd ($28), 6. Glass Glitter Letters Designed by Wendy Addison ($6.50), 7. 1800’s Penny Toy Ferris Wheel ($6.50), 8. Russian Coat of Arms Flask ($42), 9. Pretty Things ($19.95), 10. Tokyo Milk Dark : Cherry Bourbon Lip Elixir ($7.50), and 11. Renaissance Cuff ($28)

A Lovely Sunday.

Good evening, folks. It is the end of Sunday and the beginning of autumn, which means I spent my day at Flutter listening to both the pounding rain and some lovely music (my favorites for rainy shop days? Nick Cave, Billie Holiday, and The Magnetic Fields.) Wanderers came in and out, soaked by the rain, but happy to be greeted by King, our ever-charming cat, and the coziness of the shop. I’ll tell you, I am a deep lover of this time of year. Crisp air, vibrant colors, scarf weather… and Halloween. I love Halloween. But we’ll get more into that next week.

Being a collector and design lover (see more here), there are many things inside Flutter that strike my fancy. Industrial furniture, inspiring books, vintage oddities, and one-of-a-kind dresses. Each week, I tend to snap some of my favorites on my phone just to keep track of random things I adore. On this fine Sunday, these are my picks…

1. little sailor boy ($24) and 2. Frida Kahlo book ($24.95)

3. alabaster stag ($70) and 4. black & white 1950s dress ($68)

5. Pretty Things, a burlesque history book ($19.99) and 6. vintage squirrel statue ($68)

7. garden gnome pillows ($45 each) and 8. antique fencing mask ($135)

Next post: Halloween time at Flutter- enjoy the week!

Summertime at Flutter.

Good afternoon! This is Summer, your new summertime Sunday shopgirl (I do like the way that sounds.) I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying spending my weekend time in Flutter, surrounded by lovely oddities, gorgeous dresses, and intoxicating scents. And of course, having long conversations with King the shop-cat… he has quite the nightlife when the lights in the store go out, believe me. The tales are epic!

First I’d like to share some photos I have been taking during my time at the shop. I love taking pictures, and Flutter seems to be the perfect place for inspiration, even if just snapped on my iPhone…

Ah, a lovely place to be. And now, some of my favorite new (non-vintage) items I have been absolutely loving (all currently available at Flutter):

1. Tokyomilk’s Dark Bittersweet perfume- one of the best smells ever. There’s nothing quite like smelling as if you’ve been endulging in the finest dark chocolate.

2. The beloved frog prince bottle opener. He just makes me smile.

3. These dried bugs in glass paperweights are both a little eerie and breathtaking.

4. The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite has been fabulous to flip through while at the register. Did you know crickets used to be prized pets and champagne manufacturing was once a very dangerous occupation due to bottles exploding?

5. Another Tokyomilk product I am loving: Kabuki shea butter lotion. It smells like sugared citrus fruit and jasmine flowers and leaves your hands soft as silk.

6. Photobooth Dogs. Dogs. In photobooths. Need I say more?

7. I want to take these alphabet discs and hang banners all around my house of fanciful words.

8. I love all the masks we have in the store, but for some reason, this bear is my favorite. His face reminds me of old drawings from The Three Little Bears. This would make a mighty fine photobooth prop.

See you next week, for a summertime circus post! Au Revoir!

A Walk With Me…

Ahhh, Spring, my dear old friend, you have returned.  The cherry blossoms and daffodils are in full bloom and it is absolutely gorgeous in Portland!  This past Saturday, was sunny and still cold outside, but the light was amazing. I simply had to head outside for a walk! I decided it would be a perfect day to take a stroll along Mississippi and visit Flutter for some snapshots.  Take a look at a few of my favorite things, I saw along the way….

street view of Flutter
Outside Flutter on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon
spring window
A view of the front window….and then we step inside the shop.
Fashion book and paper
A brand new fashion book and an orange chair to read it in!  Don’t mind if I do, thank you. I just need King to come and curl up in my lap, a coffee and I’ll be ready to settle in for the afternoon.  

Voluspa Candles
New Voluspa Candles in different sizes, the small one is perfect for travel

hooked bird pillow
Hooked bird pillow, the colors are so pretty!
Fashion book
Oh, what’s this? Another new fashion book!  Wow, this one is amazing! I can’t even tell you how much I love it.
vintage taxidermy

Masks, goat

hook owl pillow
Beautiful hooked owl pillow
lucky lights

parrot book
This illustrated parrot book is one of the most beautifully illustrated works I have ever seen.
magic book
Magic-A must to add to any collection of curiosities!  
The Marvelous Museum Project
Another amazing collector book! This one comes in a wooden case. 
Jaw Harp

vintage chalk wear figureine

Cast Iron Mermaid bottle openers
Cast iron mermaid bottle openers
Bubble Gum Machine
Wow, so much to see at Flutter, it’s looking so fabulous!  I can’t wait for my next visit!

Seaside Essentials

Oh, ocean breeze, take me away with you to a far off land of treasures and adventure…
anchor bottle opener
Cast Iron Anchor Bottle Opener
whale bottle opener
Cast Iron Whale Bottle Opener
mermaid bottle opener
Cast Iron Mermaid Bottle Opener
It’s officially Spring, ladies and gentleman! Why not bring a bit of the seascape home with you, this season?  Novelty bottle openers are available in many styles, at Flutter, including these ocean inspired lovelies. I love the idea of flipping a mermaid’s (or whale’s) tail to open a guest’s beverage, before presenting it to them, don’t you?  There are plenty of other sea inspired decorative items as well, check out these amazing selections!  
Ocean colored rug
Ocean Colors Hooked Rug
Handmade Jute Ship pillow
Thomas Paul Sail Seafarer Jute Pillow-This is my personal favorite!

Tokyo Milk
Tokyo Milk Marine Sel  #54 Solid Perfume-Wearing the scent of the ocean on your skin feels divine.
Anchor and Pearl Locket by Seaworthy
paper treasure
Vintage Crystal Earrings by Paper Treasure
There is nothing like exploring the life in the ocean of the Tropical East Indies, from you sofa.  Beautiful color illustrations of fish are something I could look at all day, there is so much to see in this book.  You have never seen drawings like this, they are amazingly detailed, not to mention they would make awesome tattoos. 
Fish book
Tropical Fishes of the East Indies Book
paper captain
Paper Captain-Do It yourself punch out boats, just in time for Spring Break!

Plenty of Books to Inspire

poster shop
Hatch Show Print, the History of a Great American Poster
It’s no news that Flutter loves books and Portland loves books as well, so it works out perfectly for everyone.  Each season, Kalaisha and Cindy hand select an amazing library of awesomeness in many categories to admire and inspire.  For Spring, they have curated an extra lot of books in the creative realm. I’m coveting this Book of Old Poster Copies.  They just don’t make them like that anymore do they? Now you can have your own collection to do what you will with….

I can never seem to acquire enough photography books. There are so many great ones out there, perfect for visual inspiration on a whim. The graphic presentation of this book is beautifully detailed with hand painted, quotes. Unknown Halsman, reveals and overlooked, bizarre, playful side of Philippe Halsman, in this magnificent collection

Graffiti Asia
Graffiti Asia

This book shows photos of artists work from many countries in Asia, along with interviews and quotes, about this fascinating and evolving art genre. Far removed from the Western style of graffiti origins, these illustrations offer and entirely new perspective on modern art,from other countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as China and the Philippines.
The 1000 Journals Project
The curious and voyeuristic side of humans draws us to a look inside the mind of another person.  I’ve often dreamed of writing this very kind of book, and wanting more people to have the courage to put something like this out for everyone to read. The 1000 Journals Project is blowing up because of fascination, pure and simple and sadly, often underdeveloped in today’s world. It’s a rare, intimate look into the mind of an artist. Highly inspirational for designers, artists and really anyone who appreciates a raw, honest and personal look into someone else’s world. 

Berlin, Portrait of a City

This photo is one of my favorite images from this picturesque book.  Nothing is left untouched in this journey through  Berlin, from the two world wars, to the strength in character of the people of this remarkable city.  A photographic travel log into the history of one of the most interesting cities in the world. Berlin, Portrait of a City, has been called the most comprehensive book on Berlin ever made.

The Vegetable Garden
I’m am so in love with these classic, vintage illustrated books popping up at Flutter. Just in time for Spring gardening, this illustrated book of  vegetable prints to keep bound or ready to frame, can only be described as stunning. The Vegetable Garden features some of the most delicately, detailed science illustrations of all time. You’ll find yourself, literally, staring at each page for hours.  

rosie flos
Rosie Flo’s Travel Book
For the budding artist or the kid in all of us, Flutter has plenty to offer (I’m not ashamed to admit now that I have colored one of these books and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much). The illustrated, creativity is endless with this series, once you color it in and add your own elements, you become the designer. Perfect for Spring is this new to Flutter coloring book, Rosie Flo’s Travel Book. Snap one up quickly before they all fly out the door and around the globe!

Photo Booth Dogs

For fans of dogs (who isn’t), this is the most delightful little book of photo booth shots of dogs and those who love them. The author, Cameron Woo has included over 100 beautiful photos, spanning over eighty years, capturing the bond between man, woman and his and her, eternal, best friend.

Stop in on a rainy afternoon, curl up on a soft chair and thumb through the library, you never know what will strike your fancy?  See you soon….