Honey Kennedy’s Flutter Giveaway!

Well, the gorgeous weather just keeps on going, and I’m not gonna question it. It’s not often that we have a proper autumn in Portland, and since it’s my favorite time of year I feel extra enthusiastic about it. Another thing I’m enthusiastic about: giveaways! We decided to partner with the amazing Honey Kennedy for a chance to win $100 in Flutter credit, which combined with October sunshine might take someone over the moon. Take note: if you’re our Facebook friend, you can enter twice. If you need inspiration, check out my favorites here. Good luck!

Painted Flutter.

I often find myself inspired while spending my Sundays at Flutter. Not only do I have some of my favorite music playing and get to meet some lovely folks, but there’s no denying that I am completely surrounded by beautiful things. Usually I find this inspiration being targeted to my camera, but this week I decided to do something a little different. During the few quieter moments in the shop, I broke out my sketchbook and doodled some of my favorite objects and garments. While curled up on my sofa during the evening (while watching some bad tv, I admit), I painted them in with watercolors.

Oh, pretty little things, I love thee. This coming week I’d like to pair some shop objects with some of my favorite old film stars. I have a feeling they’ll go together hand-in-hand.

It looks like it’s going to be a lovely weekend. I wish you all: cinnamon vanilla tea (my current favorite), warm apple crisp, a classic movie viewing with someone you admire, a great thrift store find, sweet scents, some bed reading, good crisp weather, flirtations, salted caramels, a cozy nap, bursts of inspiration, some ridiculous dance moves, and discovery.

Stop by and say hello- see you soon!

Summertime at Flutter.

Good afternoon! This is Summer, your new summertime Sunday shopgirl (I do like the way that sounds.) I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying spending my weekend time in Flutter, surrounded by lovely oddities, gorgeous dresses, and intoxicating scents. And of course, having long conversations with King the shop-cat… he has quite the nightlife when the lights in the store go out, believe me. The tales are epic!

First I’d like to share some photos I have been taking during my time at the shop. I love taking pictures, and Flutter seems to be the perfect place for inspiration, even if just snapped on my iPhone…

Ah, a lovely place to be. And now, some of my favorite new (non-vintage) items I have been absolutely loving (all currently available at Flutter):

1. Tokyomilk’s Dark Bittersweet perfume- one of the best smells ever. There’s nothing quite like smelling as if you’ve been endulging in the finest dark chocolate.

2. The beloved frog prince bottle opener. He just makes me smile.

3. These dried bugs in glass paperweights are both a little eerie and breathtaking.

4. The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite has been fabulous to flip through while at the register. Did you know crickets used to be prized pets and champagne manufacturing was once a very dangerous occupation due to bottles exploding?

5. Another Tokyomilk product I am loving: Kabuki shea butter lotion. It smells like sugared citrus fruit and jasmine flowers and leaves your hands soft as silk.

6. Photobooth Dogs. Dogs. In photobooths. Need I say more?

7. I want to take these alphabet discs and hang banners all around my house of fanciful words.

8. I love all the masks we have in the store, but for some reason, this bear is my favorite. His face reminds me of old drawings from The Three Little Bears. This would make a mighty fine photobooth prop.

See you next week, for a summertime circus post! Au Revoir!

Happy New Year from FLUTTER!


Flutter had a fantastic 2010 thanks to all our customers, fans, friends and family. We never take for granted how lucky we are to be doing what we love, surrounded by such fine folks who love Flutter as much as we do. It makes us happy that new folks are discovering Flutter every day and seeing the faces of friends that first visited the store 5 years ago. Flutter couldn’t exist without you…..here’s to 2011, may it be a healthy and prosperous year for ALL!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Cindy, Kalaisha, Sara, Dottie & Casea

Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry at Flutter

Heirloom and Handmade Jewelry
Hello, everyone, this is Brehan Todd, and I’m back as the new guest blogger for Flutter! I’m couldn’t be more excited to keep you in the loop about what’s going on in the magical world of Flutter! Flutter is known for the carefully curated collection of ephemera, from the past. Local and handmade jewelry, are always plentiful at Flutter, as well as on the website. Many of the designers carried at Flutter are inspired by or include vintage and antique jewelry in the design process. Since we are such jewelry enthusiasts at Flutter, Co-owner, Kalaisha Watrous, thought of the genius idea to share selections of our most treasured vintage baubles from our own personal collections.
You’ve likely noticed the handmade, heirloom inspired jewelry by Paper Treasure for Flutter. Jesseca McCloskey, the creator of Paper Treasure, has always loved jewelry and has been gathering trinkets for most of her life. Her beautiful collection of unique brooches, cameos, rings and a gorgeous pair of hand carved coral rose earrings, are a testament to her impeccable taste. I covet the peacock brooch below.
Jess heirloom 1

Jess heirloom 3
Here are some examples of the particularly unique and lovely cameos and other deco treasures from Kalaisha’s personal collection. This emerald green, deco brooch is my favorite. I’ve never seen a cameo in a rectangle shape, quite like this one, have you?
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
K's heirloom
I added a few selections from my own stash as well. As a designer, I’m looking at vintage jewelry constantly, and searching for very specific pieces. I love cameos, (who doesn’t?) and I collect things that tend to have some whimsy and humor to them. This glass cameo brooch is one of my favorite personal treasures. I definitely have an affinity for vintage brooches, real orchid jewelry, anything reminiscent of The Circus, and of course, lockets galore!
vintage cameo brooch
pocket watch
Mouse, cuffs brooch
monogrammed lockets
orchid, brooch, spoon

We hope you enjoyed seeing our own favorite vintage jewelry! Flutter has one of the most defined and unique jewelry collections of any shop in the world. Owner’s Cindy and Kalaisha, are geniuses at finding the most interesting designers, to promote at Flutter. Along with Paper Treasure, Brehan Todd Jewelry, and several other local designers, Flutter has anything and everything you should need in the way of jewelry gifts.
Seaworthy by Marissa Howard, is the newest designer to be showcased at Flutter. Marissa chooses at least one vintage item to include in each of her, one of kind designs. Salvaged keys, vintage doilies, earthy stones, chunky chains and metal are re-purposed to create each design. Here is a peek at some of Seaworthy’s, crochet and chain necklaces available online and in the shop.
Vintage Violet Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Vintage Green Crochet Necklace by Seaworthy
Flutter fell in love with designer Jesseca McCloskey and her handmade jewelry line, Paper Treasure. You’ve likely noticed an assortment of her pretty lockets and vintage layering necklaces at Flutter for several seasons. All Paper Treasure designs are created by hand, in Portland Oregon, with sustainability in mind. Fine vintage and antique bits and baubles are combined with new chains to create these amazing, unique and limited additional designs. Wear them alone, or piled on thick and you’ll have everyone ask you “where did you get that”? Just in time for the holidays Flutter is fully stocked with some lovely, one of kind pieces, by Paper Treasure. Stop by the shop or check Flutter’s website, for new designs.
The Kitty Reeves
The Kitty Reeves Necklace by Paper Treasure
The Susan P. Thurlon
The Susan P. Thurlon Necklace by Paper Treasure
In 2009, Brehan Todd Jewelry officially introduced itself to the market, with a line of one of a kind, handmade jewelry. Based on a philosophy of dedication to the environment and creating sophisticated design, my refashioned jewelry and accessories, are handmade outside of Portland. A vast array of mixed media, both precious and non-precious, found and vintage, are carefully selected, draped on a dress form and hand manipulated, to create each, original design. Intricate hardware, silk ribbon, game pieces, and recycled bullet casing charms are a few examples of the resources that become part my inspiration during the design process. Each line reflects my vivid imagination, fascination with nature, and stories told by cast off trinkets. You’ll always find new, one of a kind and limited edition styles in the shop, as well as on Flutter’s Website. Here are a couple of my favorite one of a kind designs available now at Flutter.
Circus Necklace by Brehan Todd
Cracker Jack Box Necklace by Brehan Todd

Rose City Cuff by Brehan Todd

Until next time…..


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years! A big thanks to all our family, friends, customers, fans and neighbors for all your support these past 4 years. Come celebrate with us! Have a glass of champagne, listen to the gypsy jazz sounds of the Djangophiles, get your tarot cards read by Mindy…a guaranteed fun time for all!

Vay-cay in L.A.

This weekend I went to L.A. to visit family and family friends. It was so gorgeous down there! Lola and I went to Disneyland and had an amazing time. It was my first time this year being out in the heat, trekking all over that park for 14 hours in 90 degree weather- I think I was a little delirious towards the end. We drank a few $4 bottles of water and ate about 20 frozen lemonade cups. I was really inspired by all the fantastical structures everywhere with dreamy shapes and colors, the intricate landscaping..oh, yeah, the rides were good too. I love all the rides on boats. I kept noticing the wallpaper, too, like in the new orleans cafe, or the haunted mansion- unfortunately, these pictures are a little blurry because I took them mostly with my camera phone in the dark. These pictures remind me of the games in the back of kid magazines, where they show you a super close-up of, say, toothbrush bristles, and you have to guess what it is. If you can’t guess what these pictures are of, check the answer at the bottom. xo sk

1. exhibit tent roof, 2. ambient shapescape in “its a small world” (it made me cry (the ride, not the shape)), 3.underside of a tiki-room lamp, 4. wallpaper in the mark twain cafe (i think thats what it was called), 5. delphinia

new look for spring: a tan, and rain gear

I had fun taking photos in the shop today, everything looked extra appealing. I love the creepy porcelain doll heads! Lola was a good sport and posed with them for me. I think I might get one and plant a trailing lobelia in it, it would look so awesome growing out of the top like a wild hippie baby, or out of the eyes.. maybe too creepy. A flutter chia pet! I have been sprouting lots of plants, some in unusual places, like nooks in statuary in the yard and in broken pottery. I planted peas by the bus stop across the street from my house, and seeded some window boxes. Basically, everything looks like prime real estate for my seedlings. Unfortunately, the hail yesterday bruised some tender sprouts, but I am pretty sure that one sunny day will perk them up. I had a great weekend, the highlight of which was going to the Whitsell to see Muppet shorts and rare outtakes. Jim Henson and his crew were absolute genius! I laughed so much that I was crying. Check it out my favorite bit: Animal, Beaker and the Swedish Chef singing “Danny Boy”


I love the expression “spring has sprung”. It is so onomotopoeia, so bouncy. Plus I love improper use of the past-tense, like the classic “yeah, i never did that before, i just wung it”. SPRING HAS SPRUNG and i am sporting the spring uniform, distinguished by what it DOESN’T involve: no socks, no scarf, no tights, no beanie, no sweater. it’s liberating. I came home and saw my roommate’s laundry fluttering in the breeze on the line, a row of dresses.
Last week at Flutter I made a date with my friends to come in and take victorian-style photos to put in the locket they got for their ma last month, a genius mother’s day gift idea I thought. I styled their hair up into puffy buns and used the venetian armoire as a backdrop, I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I guess the light must have been perfect for pictures, because there were a few other people in the store with huge, fancy cameras. I guess they had been strolling Mississippi taking pictures and wandered into Flutter. The store is a kind of curious photographer’s paradise, sometimes I feel like a ringmaster or tour guide-“did you notice the stuffed goose? ..and over here we have the finch cage.” It’s not uncommon for us to show up in the pages of a fancy rag, as well as someone’s travel photo album. Cindy sent me a link to an Oregon Live article featuring our Rizzo, looking especially adorable. Flutter made it into theLondon Observer too; read this article if you have ever wondered what kind of impression Portland makes on Brits. Spoiler alert: they love us. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to stroll in the perfect sunlight.

My Life, and other distractions

It’s been a whirlwind of impacted activities lately. Whirlwind is such a tame cliche, how about a hurricane of activities? Midterms, moving, all that other stuff.. then my daughter’s birthday sneaks up on me. Turning 8 is a big deal, and I didn’t want to rob her of her right to a lavish party just because I was a little busy, so I rented out the Mt. Scott skating rink. That place is awesome for a few reasons- they let you play your own music (Lola’s playlist consisted of La Bouche, Neil Young and New Order), they let you bring your own food (carrot sticks and brownies for us), and they have great skates. The rink itself is not as large or elegant as Oaks Park, and there’s no cool old photo booth, but it doesn’t smell like old pizza, and you can rent the entire thing out for private parties at a very affordable rate. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far for great presents for her. She’d been eyeing a deck of Magic Cards for a while- they come with punctured aces, two-sided cards, blank cards and all kinds of crazy stuff. Now all I need is time to sit still while she practices them all on me. I need to practice my “amazed” face. There’s some Steve Martin quote about how everybody loves when tricks get messed up- honestly, it’s adorable, but I’d feel so bad if I laughed aloud.
Flutter has these amazing stamps right now from the fifties and up, from Hungary and India and all over really, and they’re 15 for $1! I could spend all day sifting through the box of them, the pictures are gorgeous. I made a collage with a stamp that looks just like her, reading a book- how appropriate! It’s the first thing she hung in her new room.