Flutter Interviews Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry

Welcome to our brand new Flutter site!  We were itching for an update and are so happy to be able to offer a brighter, bolder, more shop-able interface, including a new rotating feature: Featured Artist!  Our first featured artist is Portland jewelry designer Lyndsay Levy of Luscious Jewelry.  Lyndsay has been a Flutter designer practically since the start and we’re so happy to celebrate her as her line reaches a new level of achievement: being featured in costuming on Portlandia!  Read on…
Flutter: When did you start making and designing jewelry?  What inspired you to start?
Lyndsay Levy: I have been doing jewelry for over 20 years. It was vintage that first inspired me. I have collected all things vintage since I was 15 years old. I wanted to go back 100 years and wear all the clothing and jewelry, so I just started to make it instead.
F: Do you have a ritual for making things?  A dedicated space?  Particular music or background white noise you like to have? Or do you work best anywhere and everywhere?
LL: the top floor of my house is my studio. I rarely listen to music and when I work I like things very quiet, pretty much the opposite of who I am in my every day life. I like it messy so that it looks like I have jumped off the boat in the Disney ride of Pirates of the Caribbean (a childhood fantasy) and looking at mounds of stones, colors, chain, very decadent.  I also find a lot of inspiration from being outside, hiking with my family and the shapes of everything from animals, leaves and to sea shells, all so intricate and perfect.

F:  You’re designing jewelry for Portlandia now, which is incredibly exciting!  How did this partnership come about?  (What’s your favorite “Portlandia” sketch?)  As a designer, which other currently airing television shows, if any, do you respect for styling, wardrobing and design?
LL: Ahhh, Portlandia. So very lucky. I had worked with Holly Stalder formerly of Seaplane and now of Haunt for years. I am not only a big fan of her work but am grateful for her ongoing support and encouragement for Luscious. I knew that Holly was connected to some of the talent on Porltandia and so I gave her a call and she put me in contact w/the stylist over on the show. The first time I worked with Amanda it was amazing, so much fun and let me say her beauty and style inspired me.  I really count my blessings on this one, meeting Amanda and working with Portlandia has been like winning in Vegas!
My favorite sketch, by far is the dog park. I have two dogs and it was just awesome to see every bad behavior taken to the 10th power.
I would love to do jewelry for Grimm! I have heard (from you guys) that some of the actresses have been in and bought my pieces. I would love to do some nasty, intense castings that would have some hidden meaning for one of their characters.
F: Do you have a personality you try to evoke or create for when you’re making jewelry (ie do you imagine Luscious jewelry having typical customer with certain style that your designs complement or speak to?)  Can you recall a “favorite piece” you’ve made where you felt startled by your own creative capacity?  Any significant designs that you’ll never forget making (for a friend, custom order, etc?)
LL: I want my jewelry to make people happy. I don’t want them ever to feel like it was not worth their hard earned money.  As a mom of children and dogs, I know what living on a budget is like, every day. I always want the line to feel like, “I bought this and love it and feel good wearing it and I don’t need to feel guilty for spending some money on myself or for my friend that is having a hard time.”
My friends and family pretty much always get custom work for their gifts. I just made my sister Lorri an “Anne Boleyn” neck with the letter “L” instead of “B” because she is obsessed with the the whole Tudor family thing.
F: What inspires you in your designs and in general?  What sorts of things do you enjoy doing when not making and designing things?
LL: Design is weird. If you look at my collections you can totally see what phase I’m in. I just turned 50 and for the last few years it’s been all about nature and structure (the structure of nature:) wishbones, teeth, a taxidermy collection… reading some articles on the dying off of bee colonies made me focus on bees, hiding easter eggs a few years ago started a tangent on bunnies. The ideas change with whatever is going on in my life. When I’m not working, I’m usually outside. I love to walk and sit outside and read. I’m with my family a lot and do quite a bit of volunteer work. If I had a full day to myself (clearly a fantasy) I would drink coffee, hike, go to thrift stores and then eat dim sum.
F:  Any aspirations for the future of your jewelry business?  (Plans for expansion, growth, developing new styles, etc.)
LL: I would like to include more initials after doing that necklace for my sister. I would also like to do a “guess which animal” charm bracelet using cast teeth from different animals (teeth which had been extracted by a veterinarian.) I wish I was more tech savvy. One of my stores accused me of being secretly Amish since I don’t text. I’d like to become more tech savvy so my kids will stop making fun of me and so that I could post new designs and get immediate feed back.
Thanks so much Lyndsay!  To view more of Lyndsay’s designs (including those featured above in this interview) click here.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Why hello there, Flutter friends! I must apologize for the delay between posts- here at the shop we have been making the transition from winter to spring, which is now pretty much complete! Cindy closed the shop last Wednesday and filled the shelves, couches, and tables with plenty of new colorful products- new scents, new books, and plenty of new oddities.

In a couple of days I will be sharing a bunch of film photographs of the spring-ready shop, but for now, let us recognize that Valentine’s Day has just about arrived! Have you picked out the perfect something for your sweetie? Your honey muffin? Your kitten kaboodle? If not, take a peek at some of my own favorite picks for this sweet holiday. And then stop in for your last-minute gifts!

1. Abstract Seahorse Pillow ($62), 2. Tokyo Milk Sugar Bomb No. 112 Mix and Match Perfume ($18.50), 3. Nouveau Locket Earrings ($40), 4. Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow ($65), 5. Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle ($7.50), 6. Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America ($14.99), 7. Tokyo Milk Marine Sel No. 54 Hand Cream ($18.50), 8. Key Hook Pillow ($48), and 9. Peacock Ring ($30)

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether it be romantically with your significant other or bitterly with a dear friend- see you all in a couple of days! xo, Summer

A Flutter Film & Two Gift Guides.

First, I must tell you all to watch this lovely little Flutter video, shot by local filmmaker Justin Koleszar

Doesn’t it just capture the shop perfectly? And oh, our sweet silly King, he does well in his moment of fame.

And now, more gift guides! Christmas is only four shopping days away, so come stop in the store, drink some free champagne and finish shopping for the men and women in your life with unique objects!

For the men…

1. Japanese Cinema ($35), 2. Compass Keychain ($8.50), 3. Red Army Cavalry Hat ($32), 4. Beetle Hook Pillow ($65), 5. “LOOKING FOR TROUBLE” Scrimshaw Horn Box ($32), 6. Cast Iron Jose Skull Bottle opener ($10), 7. Blackish Cicada Paper Weight ($12), and 8. Outlaws!: Adventures of Pirates, Scoundrels, and Other Rebels ($45)

For the ladies…

1. God Save The Queen Pillow ($58), 2. West Third Brand: Jardin d’Amour ($32), 3. Jane Necklace ($22), 4. Paper Cutting ($27.50), 5. Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Hand Creme ($18.50), 6. Magnifying Glass Necklace ($22), 7. Voluspa Winesap Apple Spice Candle ($7.50), 8. Nudie Purse Mirror from Peru ($6.50), and 9. I Will Never Forget You…: Frida Kahlo to Nickolas Muray ($24.95)

Have a lovely pre-holiday week- I shall check-in again before Christmas arrives! xoxo

The Portland Bazaar

Flutter and our sister store, Eden are participating this weekend in The Portland Bazaar!  The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday at The Sandbox Studio from 9 am – 6 pm.  There will be over 50 local vendors, food, craft classes, liquor tastings, book signings and plenty of shopping.  We’re bringing down a lot of inventory from both shops as well as highlighting some local designers in our booth.  Here’s a taste:

 Reconstructed vintage dresses from Ark Clothing.
 Chocolate truffles, wishbones, mustaches and lumps of coal from Neopolitan Chocolates.
 Terrariums and wreaths from our Mississippi neighbor Emerald Petals.
Brehan Todd Jewelry (the designer herself will help man our booth!)
Jesseca Anne Jewelry (the designer will also be at the booth with us both days!)
Pure Jewelry.
 Seaworthy Jewelry.
 Handmade leather wallets and pillows from Lees Lamar.
 Fur stoles with bright silk linings and bow-ties from Lees Lamar.
Pillows handmade from vintage Turkish suzanis.
…plus a few surprises we’re keeping up our sleeve.  Stop by 

A Fabulous Event and Fabulous Gifting.

Good afternoon! First things first, I would like to let everyone know that both Flutter and Eden will be at The Portland Bazaar, an event I am extremely excited about. It will be held this Saturday and Sunday at Sandbox Studio and will feature DIY workshops, great local food carts, delicious spirits, and a huge selection of some of the best local and national shops/designers. It’s going to be fabulous, I know it. See you there?

And now, a Flutter gift guide. These are my picks from our online shop (which are also available in the store.) Next week I’ll share my gift picks available only in the brick & mortar shop, for all our lovely Portland locals.

1. The Art of Instruction: Vintage Educational Charts from the 19th and 20th Centuries ($35), 2. West Third brand Tonic: Tobacco 1812 ($26), 3. Café Noir Jar Candle ($30), 4. Hunt Club Trophy (resin) ($42), 5. Sail Away Pendant by Brehan Todd ($28), 6. Glass Glitter Letters Designed by Wendy Addison ($6.50), 7. 1800’s Penny Toy Ferris Wheel ($6.50), 8. Russian Coat of Arms Flask ($42), 9. Pretty Things ($19.95), 10. Tokyo Milk Dark : Cherry Bourbon Lip Elixir ($7.50), and 11. Renaissance Cuff ($28)

From Past to Flutter.

Good evening, Flutter fans! I hope that you all enjoyed the crisp sunny weather today- I know I did. Portland looks beautiful right now- Autumn just suits this city so well. If tomorrow is as nice as today was, I think I might need to take a walk down to Laurelhurst Park with some tea, a blanket, and a good book.

Anyway, besides talking about the seasons and the weather, I thought tonight it would be nice to share some photographs and art from the past, all inspired from items in the shop. We sell such a wide variety of vintage and vintage-inspired items, I knew that I could easily find scenes, advertisements, paintings, and old photographs that pair well with some of our products. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to take a peek into the past.

left: old portrait, right: Flutter

left: vintage advertisement, right: Flutter

left: Flutter, right: antique painting

left: photograph of 40’s circus performers, right: Flutter

left: Flutter, right: old film still

left: vintage Vodka advertisement (with Woody Allen), right: Flutter

left: Flutter, right: vintage catalog page

I’ll be back for a second post on Friday- enjoy the rest of your week!

Painted Flutter.

I often find myself inspired while spending my Sundays at Flutter. Not only do I have some of my favorite music playing and get to meet some lovely folks, but there’s no denying that I am completely surrounded by beautiful things. Usually I find this inspiration being targeted to my camera, but this week I decided to do something a little different. During the few quieter moments in the shop, I broke out my sketchbook and doodled some of my favorite objects and garments. While curled up on my sofa during the evening (while watching some bad tv, I admit), I painted them in with watercolors.

Oh, pretty little things, I love thee. This coming week I’d like to pair some shop objects with some of my favorite old film stars. I have a feeling they’ll go together hand-in-hand.

It looks like it’s going to be a lovely weekend. I wish you all: cinnamon vanilla tea (my current favorite), warm apple crisp, a classic movie viewing with someone you admire, a great thrift store find, sweet scents, some bed reading, good crisp weather, flirtations, salted caramels, a cozy nap, bursts of inspiration, some ridiculous dance moves, and discovery.

Stop by and say hello- see you soon!

Happy Spring!

It’s starting to look more like Spring outside, with the Cherry Blossoms blooming, and the sun peeking out once in a awhile! This is my favorite time of year because it’s so beautiful and fresh when the flowers explode across the city and the weather gets a bit warmer.  We are in full swing at Flutter with lots of new fragrances and home decor, books and novelties that will put a spring in your step!
We love our apothecary at Flutter so much that we have been expanding it this season, to include more of your favorites! The fragrance line by Mor has been in our clutches for awhile, and we could not be more excited about all of the new scents.  The packaging is delightful and the perfume oils, to die for in unique combinations.
Mor Lychee Flower Perfume Oil

My personal favorite-Snow Gardenia!
Mor perfume
Mor Fragrance oil in Cassis Noir-Cinnamon Leaf, black current and Bulgaria Rose mixed with a hint of Jasmine
velvet pillow
Sea Foam velvet pillow, so luxurious and happy for Spring
paper treasure
The Chelsea, handmade necklace by Paper Treasure
butterfly paper weight
Real Butterfly paper weight
Relax and enjoy the weather, catch up on reading, or sending postcards.  It’s the best time of year to bring in the new!
insect pillow
Hooked insect pillow

Cartes Postales
Carte Postales-Beautiful reproductions of vintage cards from a Parisian flea market
Roses Book
The Roses, a beautiful book of botanical illustration.

Introducing…Handcrafted Jewelry by Opulent Oddities at Flutter

Unfurl by Opulent Oddities
Unfurl Necklace by Opulent Oddities
  Valentine’s Day is almost here and we can hardly wait! The store is beautifully decorated and and full of gifts as always. We are so excited to announce the newest line of jewelry that has arrived at Flutter. I’ve had my eye on this designer for a couple of years and her talent is amazing. Opulent Oddities, is an exclusive line of artisan jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind, and is hand made from vintage and found materials.  The designer has a special eye for whimsical charms and brooches and combines them in such a way that looks like they were always meant to be together.  We have several designs available in the shop and in our online boutique as well. 
This happens to be my favorite. I’m loving these shades of blue this season and the mixed metals. Here is a peek at some of the line. 

In Bloom by Opulent Oddities

Blue Birdie Bracelet
Blue Birdie Bracelet

The Lepidopterist by Opulent Oddities
The Lepidopterist Necklace

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Sweetheart

Valentines : A Collection of Valentine’s Day Ephemera by Steven Heller and Jim Heimann

It is hard to believe another Valentine’s Day is approaching us!  Since it’s one of my most favorite, if not favorite holidays, I’m counting down the final moments until the 14th. After being closed for a few days, the shop is back open with all sorts of new clothing, and vintage curiosities, jewelry and apothecary items. We are so inspired and excited for Spring! This year, for Valentine’s Day, we have a lovely selection of gifts for your sweetheart and everyone you love (which includes yourself, of course).
We are thrilled to have many new, handmade jewelry pieces from all of our talented designers, including Paper Treasure, Seaworthy and one of our newest designers, Opulent Oddities. When Kalaisha told me Opulent Oddities was coming to Flutter, I could not wait to see what amazing creations she and Cindy chose. I am so inspired by this line of unique, handmade, vintage inspired jewelry. The designer has such an amazing eye for unique pieces and a way of combining them that is brilliant. Here is one of my personal favorite, one of a kind designs, by Opulent Oddities, now available in the shop and online.
How My Heart Flutters by Opulent Oddities
The Spring line of handcrafted jewelry by Paper Treasure, is my favorite yet, by designer, Jess McCloskey. The same classic designs are represented, with a soft color palette and a bit more “bling”. We just so happen to have some wonderful new selections from the line, in the shop and on our web boutique. This designer has such a delicate way of creating very precious pieces, with a uniquely modern interpretation. I can’t think of a girl in the world who doesn’t love heart shaped lockets. The idea is updated as pair of oh so pretty, locket earrings. Here are a few of my favorite selections,  by Paper Treasure for Flutter, especially for Valentine’s Day.
Sweetheart Locket Earrings by Paper Treasure
The Meteor by Paper Treasure
The Silvia by Paper Treasure

We are over the moon about all of the new fragrances and candles in our apothecary. I’m especially drawn to these new ceramic cased Voluspa candles in such unique scents!  I cannot even begin to describe how truly delicious these candles smell, so I won’t even attempt. Stop by Flutter, and smell many new products from this amazing line. As always, but especially for Spring, we are brimming with beautiful treasures and there is always something for everyone and more at Flutter!
00 - HOME
Voluspa Macaron Ceramic Candle 
Pink Glass Bead & Vintage key Necklace by Seaworthy
heart shaped water bottle
Men's shave kit
great expectations
Classic Romantic Novels never go out of style-Great Expectations