Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts.

Why hello there, Flutter friends! I must apologize for the delay between posts- here at the shop we have been making the transition from winter to spring, which is now pretty much complete! Cindy closed the shop last Wednesday and filled the shelves, couches, and tables with plenty of new colorful products- new scents, new books, and plenty of new oddities.

In a couple of days I will be sharing a bunch of film photographs of the spring-ready shop, but for now, let us recognize that Valentine’s Day has just about arrived! Have you picked out the perfect something for your sweetie? Your honey muffin? Your kitten kaboodle? If not, take a peek at some of my own favorite picks for this sweet holiday. And then stop in for your last-minute gifts!

1. Abstract Seahorse Pillow ($62), 2. Tokyo Milk Sugar Bomb No. 112 Mix and Match Perfume ($18.50), 3. Nouveau Locket Earrings ($40), 4. Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow ($65), 5. Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle ($7.50), 6. Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America ($14.99), 7. Tokyo Milk Marine Sel No. 54 Hand Cream ($18.50), 8. Key Hook Pillow ($48), and 9. Peacock Ring ($30)

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether it be romantically with your significant other or bitterly with a dear friend- see you all in a couple of days! xo, Summer

A Flutter Film & Two Gift Guides.

First, I must tell you all to watch this lovely little Flutter video, shot by local filmmaker Justin Koleszar

Doesn’t it just capture the shop perfectly? And oh, our sweet silly King, he does well in his moment of fame.

And now, more gift guides! Christmas is only four shopping days away, so come stop in the store, drink some free champagne and finish shopping for the men and women in your life with unique objects!

For the men…

1. Japanese Cinema ($35), 2. Compass Keychain ($8.50), 3. Red Army Cavalry Hat ($32), 4. Beetle Hook Pillow ($65), 5. “LOOKING FOR TROUBLE” Scrimshaw Horn Box ($32), 6. Cast Iron Jose Skull Bottle opener ($10), 7. Blackish Cicada Paper Weight ($12), and 8. Outlaws!: Adventures of Pirates, Scoundrels, and Other Rebels ($45)

For the ladies…

1. God Save The Queen Pillow ($58), 2. West Third Brand: Jardin d’Amour ($32), 3. Jane Necklace ($22), 4. Paper Cutting ($27.50), 5. Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Hand Creme ($18.50), 6. Magnifying Glass Necklace ($22), 7. Voluspa Winesap Apple Spice Candle ($7.50), 8. Nudie Purse Mirror from Peru ($6.50), and 9. I Will Never Forget You…: Frida Kahlo to Nickolas Muray ($24.95)

Have a lovely pre-holiday week- I shall check-in again before Christmas arrives! xoxo

Summertime at Flutter.

Good afternoon! This is Summer, your new summertime Sunday shopgirl (I do like the way that sounds.) I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying spending my weekend time in Flutter, surrounded by lovely oddities, gorgeous dresses, and intoxicating scents. And of course, having long conversations with King the shop-cat… he has quite the nightlife when the lights in the store go out, believe me. The tales are epic!

First I’d like to share some photos I have been taking during my time at the shop. I love taking pictures, and Flutter seems to be the perfect place for inspiration, even if just snapped on my iPhone…

Ah, a lovely place to be. And now, some of my favorite new (non-vintage) items I have been absolutely loving (all currently available at Flutter):

1. Tokyomilk’s Dark Bittersweet perfume- one of the best smells ever. There’s nothing quite like smelling as if you’ve been endulging in the finest dark chocolate.

2. The beloved frog prince bottle opener. He just makes me smile.

3. These dried bugs in glass paperweights are both a little eerie and breathtaking.

4. The Encyclopedia of the Exquisite has been fabulous to flip through while at the register. Did you know crickets used to be prized pets and champagne manufacturing was once a very dangerous occupation due to bottles exploding?

5. Another Tokyomilk product I am loving: Kabuki shea butter lotion. It smells like sugared citrus fruit and jasmine flowers and leaves your hands soft as silk.

6. Photobooth Dogs. Dogs. In photobooths. Need I say more?

7. I want to take these alphabet discs and hang banners all around my house of fanciful words.

8. I love all the masks we have in the store, but for some reason, this bear is my favorite. His face reminds me of old drawings from The Three Little Bears. This would make a mighty fine photobooth prop.

See you next week, for a summertime circus post! Au Revoir!

Something Special for Everyone’s Someone Special at Flutter

Hello Friends! I hope your having a lovely holiday so far, as we have been at Flutter. I am always a little anxious when it comes to finding my boyfriend a perfect gift. I need something that will be unique enough to be personal, but still romantic enough that he’ll know it’s from me and not one of his Aunties. This year, I’ll rely on Flutter to find that perfect romantic something to put under the tree.
I’ve also included a few of the perfect items that any girl would be impressed to have you select, in the shop as well as in the online store. A wise person once told me, you can never go wrong with jewelry or fragrance. This lovely one of a kind vintage glass bead and chain necklace designed by Seaworthy holds the key to her heart and all the answers to the universe (just kidding about the universe part, but that would be awesome). I’m seeing a lot of Robbin’s Egg Blue lately and I’m loving it, it puts me in the mood to nest. Combined with this delicate silver chain, it’s perfectly original.
Another good rule, to follow when it comes to gift giving, everyone loves lockets.This amazing little heirloom style locket necklace by Paper Treasure is classic with a modern twist, featuring detailed vintage trinkets and chain. The locket opens so that you can place a photo close to your heart.

4058 (1)
We are thrilled to have curated our best fragrance collection yet! I am always in search of the perfect hand creme and it seems my search is finally over. We have added some of the new popular, Tokyo Milk products to the line. I can’t get enough of this romantic new, Dead Sexy Hand Cream. The bottle is so pretty it can be left out with your perfumes. The exclusive combination of hints of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid and ebony could make any girl swoon!
You can’t go wrong with jewelry that sparkles for the holidays. Anyone will feel like a royalty in these vintage Swarovski Crystal and gold dangle earrings, fit for a queen by yours truly, Brehan Todd Designs.
We’ve come to love and even crave the magnificent smell of Voluspa candles, in the home and at Flutter. The fragrance is to die for and they last an amazing amount of time, especially if you keep the wick trimmed. We have added plenty of amazing scents this season for anyone’s mood and style. The next natural step is to want to include the same unique fragrance and quality with an old classic, a nice big bar of soap, all wrapped up in pretty Victorian Gothic purple and gold paper.
One idea I thought of is to spruce up my gentlemen friend’s office for the new year for a surprise. Maybe you, or your sweetheart’s office needs and upgrade for the new year too? I covet this wise old owl pillow, the colors and design are so classic and subtle. You can never have too many pillows, I say, and we have trunks full in many different, amazing styles and fabrications. Nothing says hugs like a pillow to cuddle with.

Perhaps a new rug to go with your pillow? Lapis blue with a pretty Victorian floral pattern. Oh my.
The final step in creating the perfect man cave, cigars, of course. These ones are chocolate, so they are better for your health and more fun than the real thing.
Chase down a holiday drink in style and channel your inner “Mad Man” with these beautiful
Gibson Girl High Ball Glasses. Who could ask for anything more?….
Except, for the final cherry on top, the book of Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know, enough said!