Five Photo Writing Prompts, #2

We’ve got more photographic inspiration for you. Sifting through the big birdbath of photos is one of my favorite things. Enjoy!
photo 1

photo 2
This one said “St. Johns, ORE” on the back

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Come see for yourself; there are hundreds, and they’re just a dollar each.
XO Sara

Five Photo Writing Prompts, #1

photo 1Hey there! For the longest time I’ve been wanting to scan some of our old photos and post them as writing prompts.

photo 5Since I don’t have a scanner, but I do have a decent camera on my phone, I decided to seize the day and post 4Here’s the inaugural post, with five snaps that once were lost and now are 3 Lucky you! It’s a peek into an oft-overlooked stack of treasures that begs to be mined for ideas for a poem, script or story. photo 2 I’ll try to do this regularly, since we have so many good ones come through here. XO Sara

let them eat pixels

This week for the blog I decided to overshoot, smothering any text with heaps of photos from the store. Flutter is always chock-full of colorful, scented, textured, shiny exciting stuff but around the holidays it seems somehow different. Maybe you can discern the holiday vibes from the pictures. There’s been a lot of hustle and bustle to keep up with, champagne corks to pop, ornaments to hang.. and an inviting dish of hershey’s kisses just waiting to be ravished. I’m including a link to the awesome website of Diane of D. Sharp paper arts came in to Flutter today hunting stamps for collage garlands she makes. She makes wonderful folded and crimped paper sculptures using vintage paper. Enough text- enjoy the pictures!

budding philatelist??

The last thing I need is a hobby. I can barely post photos to my flickr account, I can hardly finish a lexulous game on facebook, I often forget to call my mother.. and yet, the allure of the tangible physical hobby was never real for me until i wandered into a stamp show at the Oregon Stamp Society‘s clubhouse on NE 33rd. I’ve got an envelope of stamps at home from when I was a kid, I used to soak them off of my correspondences with my aunt, and I admit to digging deep into the stamp-filled trunk at Flutter but I never thought I’d look farther than right under my nose. The best thing about stamp collecting is this line that exists dividing people concerned with cancellation, perforation and rarity, and those who like pretty stamps. I fall squarely in the latter category, and the guys at the stamp club were very pleased to sell me all their less valuable but very lovely stamps. They made it very clear to me that the stamps I liked weren’t always the most valuable, and I made it clear that I didn’t care at all. Lola and I walked away with our own collecting binders full of manila stock pages and 50 lovely stamps for $6. The guys all promised to come visit Flutter’s stamp box to hunt for square centimeters of treasure. I had a lot of fun that evening putting my other stamps in the book, giving Lola the doubles, inventing categories (nurses, buildings, Iran, ships, birds, etc) basically dorking out on philately, aka stamp collecting, my new hobby. Check out the photos below, we have (or had) all the crazy Hungarian ones. The blue one of the lady’s head is one of the most expensive stamps ever sold (not at Flutter, ours are 15 for $1).

Amy Earles

Self described: “Heavy handed, easy to anger, not very friendly, a monstrosity basically” …then you see Amy Earles delightfully creepy and undeniably adorable paper dolls…

Now at Flutter!
Amy Earles
See her post on the history of her paper dolls here:

pink slips, etc

NO, NOT THAT KIND OF PINK SLIP!! The silky kind, the kind you want to see. we’ve got lots. We’ve got slips in other colors, too: tangerine, scarlet, black and cream, but you may notice by the photos that pink is the theme of this blog. Oooh, i hate the word blog. It’s such a dense word. But that’s off-topic. I went around taking photos in the shop and everything that caught my eye was the same rosy tone. It is spring in Portland, most emphatically. Our weather is spectacular, warm enough to wear a skirt and sunny enough to coax the irises out (and the daffodils, and the crocuses..). This is the magic hour, before hayfever starts in earnest, when outdoor activities hold the most appeal for me. Plus, I can bike to school and not come back in the dark (thanks to daylight savings). I’ve been rocking my Pandora station in the store and people are really commenting on it. It feels funny when people ask me what’s playing and I shrug my shoulders- it played the Ryan Adams song “firecracker” a few days in a row before I finally made it back to the computer to see what it was. I was totally surprised, I didn’t expect to like Ryan Adams so much. Here’s a link to Flutter’s pandora radio station online, and I think to connect you have to make an account with them. It’s free, and completely rewarding, and then you can listen to our stations whenever you want. Former unknowns may become guilty pleasures, and familiar musicians will show you sides you’ve never heard. It played a good Bowie song I’d never heard, and I have every one of his bbc/b-side/live/studio/compilation recordings up til the late 80’s. Yes, that means it was late-late-era Bowie, and yes, I did say it was good. Also, I’d never heard John Doe’s gorgeous solo stuff before, or Bobby Bare. Or Smog. If you find even one new artist you like through this site, then they’ve done their job. And then you can tell me all about it.