Etat Libre d’Orange- Like This (Tilda Swinton)

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Want to know what Tilda Swinton smells like? I can tell with you authority that she loves her bespoke fragrance by Etat Libre d’Orange, and you’d be crazy not to. Tangerine, ginger, immortelle (of course), Moroccan neroli, roses from Grasse, vetiver, heliotrope and lurking shadowy musks. It’s impulsive, compelling,  intimately sexy and sunny.

30 ml EDP

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Etat Libre d’Orange is a radically chic perfume house in Paris. By according freedom to the artists, the creators of the perfume, Etat Libre d’Orange recognizes the consumer who refuses to conform, who respects perfume as a tool of seduction. They salute those who want to express their unique individuality by wearing an exceptional and extraordinary fragrance. By placing the rarest of raw ingredients into the hands of passionate and privileged artists, Etat Libre d’Orange eludes the pitfalls of standard scents and anonymous users, and facilitates the meeting of an authentic perfume with its future emissary. When craftsmanship and creativity take precedence over industry and marketing, the world of perfume and its devotees bear witness to a small revolution.

30 ml EDP

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