Fat Electrician


From perfume genius Chandler Burr: “De Swardt’s zany idea was to create a perfume inspired by Midnight Cowboy. ‘It tells the story of a handsome man who did not make the most of his beauty and abilities,’ de Swardt told me. “He finally became a fat electrician working in New Jersey.” OK. Sooo, what does that smell like? In the hands of the masterful perfumer Antoine Maisondieu, it’s like one of the greatest vetivers in years. Fat Electrician has a huge, astringent, raw woody smell like Maisondieu ingeniously tossed in a burnt cigarette butt and some potent, heart-quickening inhalants. The fact that we are actually picking up on the roots of the grass has never been so apparent, and the scent comes out of a bottle with a hairy chest and a wood baseball bat. “Vetiver symbolizes raw masculinity,” de Swardt says. Yep, we get that.”

30 ml.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 5 in